Do you have a boss who is very compassionate, caring, and is understanding when you have to take a day off of work here and there to take care of a family member or to go to an appointment that is much needed? You will want to show your appreciation by giving a gift that your boss will love when you know that their birthday is coming up, or during the holidays.

Top 10 Boss Gifts to Make Your Boss Feel Appreciated

Let’s go over the top 10 gift ideas that you can use so you will have an easy time buying your boss a great gift!

1. Unique Food Gift

Does your boss like unique gifts, you can get your boss a jar of unique spreads that can be placed onto toast as an example.

2. Luggage Stickers

Does your boss like to travel? This is a great gift idea for a boss that loves to see different countries of the world You can get your boss cool luggage stickers that represent the countries they visit to they can show it off on their luggage.

3. Portable Key Cable

Your boss can take their portable key cable anywhere they go which will charge up Apple products fast. Additionally, it is knotted so it is easy to take out of a bag when it needs to be used.

4. ‘Out Of Office’ Sleep Mask

Why not give your boss a sleep mask that says ‘out of office‘ on it because that is where they are when they are asleep! You would hope anyway.

5. World’s Greatest Boss Coffee Mug

You appreciate your boss so you will want to get the mug for your boss that literally says World Greatest Boss. Your boss will love that and be touched.

6. Funny Office Mood Cards for Boss

Your boss will love this gift box that contains 15 hilarious messages that include emotions as well as blank cards to create personalized messages.

7. Sentimental Parting Keychain

Is your boss close to retiring? Then this sentimental keychain is a great gift idea for your boss. The keychain says on the charm A Truly Great Boss is Hard to Find Difficult To Part With and Impossible To Forget and this will touch your boss’ heart.

8. Stainless Steel Wine Bottle

Does your boss like wine? This stainless steel wine bottle set with a wine aerator is a great gift for your boss that enjoys having some vino. It is great to take to picnics and easy to travel with as well in general.

9. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

If your boss likes whiskey instead of wine, this whiskey stones gift set will please your boss. It comes with 8 granite whiskey rocks as well as 2 whiskey glasses in a bag made of velvet. It also comes with cooling cubes that are reusable and it comes in a wooden box that is quite elegant.

10. I am a Proud Boss of Freaking Awesome Employees.: Lined Notebook

Your boss will get a chuckle out of this I am a Proud Boss of Freaking Awesome Employees lined notebook as it is simple but sophisticated and has 108 pages for notetaking.

Your turn! If you know of any good gifts for bosses that can be added, why not share your ideas in the comments section below?