When you have ADHD, it may be difficult to find a good job or career to get into due to challenges with concentration, attention span, impulsivity, and/or hyperactivity. Here are some good career options for people diagnosed with ADHD.

1. Photographer

Many people with ADHD are very creative and good with technology, so with a job like photography, you can use your creativity to take pictures and your technical skills for editing, which means you will be great at this kind of work.

2. Journalist

Journalism is exciting, creative, and covers a broad range of topics. Most Journalists interact with various people and deliver a quick turnaround on assignments, that are all a good fit for people with lots of energy, short attention spans, and issues sustaining focus.

3. Copy Editor 

This job involves constant activity and fast deadlines meaning that there is always something to do, which is great for people with low attention spans and get bored easily.

4. Chef

As mentioned above, many people with ADHD are creative, and having a career as a cook or chef would be great for someone who is very creative and can cook new dishes or recipes. Being a chef is very hands-on and does not require that you sit still in an office for hours on end.

5. Hairstylist

Being a hairstylist involves being on your feet all day and moving from customer to customer,. If you struggle with concentrating and sitting still for any amount of time, hairstyling may be a career choice worth looking into.

6. Small Business Owner

Having a small business matches the strengths of someone with ADHD. The hours are more flexible, and as an entrepreneur, you are your own boss. Work and work settings can vary day to day, which accommodates the restlessness that adults with ADHD experience. The best part is you get to focus on your true passion.

7. High Tech Field

Having ADHD is great for a job in the high tech field because it is a very stimulating job that involves problem-solving and hyper-focusing on a specific issue, which is a good career option for someone who gets bored very easily.

8. Software Developer

Lots of software tasks only take a few weeks, which helps prevent boredom and monotony. Being a software developer requires lots of thinking and hands-on activity, which helps keep the ADHD brain on track.

9. Food Industry Worker

Some adults with ADHD are very successful in the culinary arts because they are creative and relatively unaffected by ADHD- related deficits. Cooking requires you to focus on the task at hand and take immediate steps to finish a product while not demanding lots of planning or working memory.

10. Artist

Individuals with ADHD are some of the most creative people, so it’s no surprise that they would succeed being surrounded by other artists. Working in a fast-paced creative environment is ideal for anyone who thrives in using their creativity. Whether it’s a choreographer, TV producer, or a performer, adults with ADHD thrive best in these kinds of creative environments.

If you have ADHD, I hope you found some suggestions that resonate for you…and hey, who knows? Maybe one of these occupations is the right one for you.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section, below. If you have ADHD and you’ve already found your ideal career, what do you do for a living?