Understanding the ESFP Personality Type

Knowing someone and understanding them is part of human nature. Myers & Briggs came out with this personality test to help us not only understand ourselves but to help us with understanding our friends, family, and loved ones as well. The ESFP is also known as the Entertainer. ESFP stands for Extraverted, Observant, Feeling, and Prospecting. The Myers & Briggs testing does include a bunch of letters and acronyms that most people just starting out with learning about personality types do not understand. Click here to learn more about these letters and what each means.

Our friend the ESFP is always being social

Often referred to as a social butterfly the Entertainer is normally one of the first people to volunteer to be in the spotlight or volunteer others to be in the spotlight. Giving others confidence and support in all ways is a part of the ESFP’s charm. Offering a hand to hold when you’re stressed, a beautiful smile to brighten your day, or their seat on a bus these individuals are always looking to be a friend to others and make the world a better place. Generosity is a natural part of their overall nature. Entertainers love being the center of attention or having the spotlight cast upon them and their family, friend group, or close co-workers. Singing and dancing, encouraging others to join in on the joys of life, and trying to find the good in everyday experiences is part of the Entertainer’s charm.

ESFP make great actors, musicians, and A list stars

Some of our favorite actors, musicians, and A list stars fall into the Entertainer personality trait. Taking center stage without hesitation is a part of the charm our ESFP friends find it easy to tap into. The Entertainer can easily relate to others and be sensitive to their needs. This is what makes them so good at being the center of attention or bringing others into the spotlight with them. Our ESFP friends normally have tons of style and grace. Think Adele and Marylin Monroe.

Hey there Entertainer! Stay focused!

Part of the Entertainer’s personality is not being able to stay on task for long term projects. Focusing on the big picture and seeing what needs to be done down the road to maintain their lifestyle or current status in work or life is not a strong suit for our ESFP friends. These individuals tend to want to focus on the current moment, not necessarily putting too much effort into the distant future. Normally the ESFP tends to rely or ask for help from a partner, spouse, friend, or close family member to help them stay on track.


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