Understanding The INFP Personality Type

The Mediator is a quiet and caring person. INFP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting. The Myers & Briggs personality test does use a bunch of different acronyms to describe the different individuals. If you want to know more about what these letters mean, then read more about them here.  Learn about the individual definitions for each personality type.

The quiet Mediator

Knowing when to hold their tongue and bite their lip is a strong suit of the INFP. On the other hand, the Mediator tends to be the quiet one of your friend group. See that wallflower standing alone at your party? How about that one student in class that never raises their hand except when they have something smart to say? Your co-worker tends to fade into the background at work events and office meetings? Those people are more than likely the INFP or Mediator personality types.

Let’s use our INFP imagination.

Our quiet diplomat, the INFP, has a beautiful imagination. The mediator often finds themselves drifting off into their own minds creating new places and ideas to get lost in. Mediators make great authors and creators. Their minds often turn to inventing new ideas and holding or recreating conversations, all within their own heads.

Finding purpose in this crazy world with the INFP

These empathetic Mediators really strive to find the good in people at all times. Giving others the benefit of the doubt. Finding only the good in people. Our friends and family who are INFP are always looking to give others the benefit of the doubt. Wanting only to see the good in people and the world is a rare and wonderful gift that Mediators have. These individuals show us hope and love when the world is dark, knowing that things are not always going to get better but still choosing to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sharing their Mediator’s kindness is a gift.

You will find nothing but kindness, love, forgiveness, and all the warm fuzzy feelings in life with your INFP friend, partner, or family member. Forever wanting to spread and share the good things in life, beauty, compassion, support, friendliness, understanding, warmth, and generosity, to name a few. The Mediator has such a big and kind heart. Their decency and goodwill are what help make the world go round.


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