Understanding The INTP Personality Type

The INTP personality type is also referred to as the Logician. INTP stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Prospecting. If you wonder what all the letters mean and what they stand for, then head over to this article and read more about them.

Logicians are great thinkers.

Logicians have a beautiful mind with a unique power. They have the ability to think unconventionally or outside of the box when it comes to different situations and people in their lives. INTP personality types are very creative individuals and love to try new things in life. Gaining new perspectives on ideas and affairs, Logicians pride themselves on being able to analyze things. You know that person who sits and wonders about the meaning of life. Maybe your friend is constantly researching different topics or coming up with grand ideas to change things in the world. Those people are most likely Logicians. Complete conversations have been had inside their heads before they ever get to speak to the person. Things have been analyzed from every side of the situation before an INTP enters the room.

Logicians stand out

The wonderful and almost magical ability that the INTP personality type has where they can use their mind to think think think makes them stand out from the crowd. While not many of the population is an INTP, they are so identifiable that they will not allow themselves to go unnoticed. Some of the greatest minds of our time were Logicians.

INTP likes to be alone

If you are a Logician or want to understand one, then one of the most important things you need to know is that they have the Introvert trait. Even though Logicians love to use their minds, they also need alone and downtime. As with any introvert, too much stimulation will overload them, causing unneeded and undue stress and anxiety and creating an unhealthy environment. As a result, you will find that your logician partner, family member, or friend often holds back their feelings and can seem a bit detached from the world. INTPs are not always like this, however. When they do find the right person, they will open up, and then you get to hear about all the logical, crazy, smart, and off-the-wall ideas in their head. Finding another like-minded person or someone the INTP feels like they can trust will create a whirlwind of conversation, so be ready.

However, Logicians will make time for themselves to decompress and destress. So don’t take it personally. That is part of the introvert and INTP charm.


One thing that happens with an INTP is they do not always think things through before speaking or taking action. This can often be seen as the Logician is not being honest or telling the truth. This is far from the case. Everything boils down to the way an INTP personality type thinks. Having great communication with your Logician friend or family member will help you understand why they are making the decisions. Don’t be afraid to ask a Logician what is on their mind.


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