Understanding The ISFJ Personality Type

The ISFJ is also referred to as the Defender.  These people are highly dedicated and practical individuals.  The ISFJ is the most common personality type, with 13% of people having it.  ISFJ stands for Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging.  That means Defenders encompass those specific personality traits.  Need help decoding what exactly those letters mean? Find out more about all the personality trait letters.

Defenders are practical

People with the ISFJ personality type tend to look at situations and practically do things.  These individuals love to find themselves in a situation where they get to provide and protect.  Sharing their wealth of information with the world is something that compels the ISFJ.

Defenders are introverts?

Yes, surprisingly, the ISFJ person is actually an introvert.  While it does seem your friend can and will be the life of the party, that late-night out does take a toll on them.  The Defender will need to recharge their batteries before going back into the limelight.  However, while being introverted, that in no way means the Defender is going to slack on their relationships or partners.  In all actuality, the ISFJ will do everything necessary to ensure the bonds stay firm between them and those they care about.           

You are so kind

You will quickly find that the ISFJ individual is the one who always smiles first, holds the elevator door open for a stranger, and focuses their attention and energy on positive things and doing good deeds.  That baby shower or birthday party was thrown by your co-worker unexpectedly most likely had a Defender behind it.  Defenders are the types of people who would stop everything in their entire life to help you through your issues, problems, give you a ride, or even are the first people to raise their hands to help you move.

Are Defenders pushovers?

It can be effortless for some of the other personality traits to see weak spots in the Defender’s kind and giving nature.  This provides some people the opportunity to take advantage of the ISFJ in more ways than one.  Knowing the Defender will stop their life to help others is something that people will take advantage of.  Getting your co-worker to finish that big project you two shared so you can take the night off.  Having your best friend come over to help you rearrange your room, knowing she has work the next morning and shouldn’t be up late.  Those are instances where the Defender is being taken advantage of. 

ISFJ and Love

We cannot talk about the Defender without touching on the subject of love.  People with this personality trait crave long-term relationships with their partners.  Their partner gives them a sense of self, of home, and security that the ISFJ craves in their life.  When it comes to finding a great partner to settle down with “forever,” someone who will be loyal and loving non-stop and always want to work on the relationship, then look no further than a Defender.  

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