Understanding The ISFP Personality Type

The ISFP personality type from the Myers & Briggs test is also known as the Adventurer.  ISFP stands for Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Prospecting.  There are a lot of letters being thrown around with these personality tests.  If you were just as confused as I was when I first read them then head over to this article and check out the individual definition for each.     

The warm and loving Adventurer

The ISFP personality type is not afraid to push the social norms in order to get what they want.  Using their words, choices, and aesthetics to demand change from society and those around them.  Bringing new perspectives to life in not only their world but into the worlds of their friends and family as well.  The Adventurer is a personality type that you will love to have as your best friend, partner, or favorite co-worker.

Adventurer the introvert

You would think that with the adventurer being “adventurous” they would be more outgoing.  However, this is not the case for the ISFP.   The Adventurer truly wants to step away from the turbulent chaos that life brings to recharge and regroup alone.  While the ISFP personality type does love being around people and exploring new things and ideas, the thought of doing that around the clock is too much for an ISFP.  Being able to get away and recharge their internal batteries is a necessity.  

ISFP takes risks

Out of all the different personality types the ISFP, Adventurer is the one most likely to take the biggest risks.  Who is that sitting at the roulette table gambling all their money away?  Who is the person that just signed a 3-year contract with an extreme sport where they will be risking their lives daily?  Those people are usually the ISFP personality type.  The Adventurer is great with being one with the moment, their surroundings, and what is going on with those around them.  Having this ability is what gives the Adventurer the ability to be successful with these different risky endeavors.    

The sensitive Adventurer

Our friend, the ISFP, loves to keep the peace between everyone.  The Adventurer hates being put on the spot and having turmoil in their lives.  This individual will do everything to avoid conflict, stop people from giving criticism (especially when that criticism is directed towards them), and help keep the peace.  When conflict or criticism is being given directly to the ISFP personality type they can be hot-headed and typically need to walk away from the situation to keep their cool and get their head on straight before continuing.  

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