If you’re an ISTJ, you might have a hard time expressing exactly how you feel.  Maybe you’ll admit that you are feeling under the weather or make a sarcastic joke about your internal struggle, but that’s about the extent of it.

The ISTJ personality type craves control and order in their life, especially when it comes to their emotions and feelings.  In their ideal world, they would have an exact order on processing their feelings and expressing them accordingly.

Understanding the ISTJ Personality Type

An ISTJ is also known as the Logistician.  They fall under the Sentinels category.  Sentinels are known for being Judging and Observant.  Along with those two personality traits, the ISTJ is also Introverted as well as Thinking.  The Logistician or ISTJ loves to uphold a rational, reserved, and methodical outlook on the world around them and how they choose to live their lives.  Considering all actions carefully and choosing their following plans carefully is what the Logisticians do very well.

ISTJs Keep It Close to the Vest

ISTJs are known for being private people when it comes to their personal lives. While the Logistician is a reserved individual, you wouldn’t always know.  Once they get around the right people, you can watch this Logistician open up.

 You Can Always Find A Logistician

Logisticians are everywhere.  The ISTJ personality type makes up around 13% of the population, making this the most common type.  You will find a Logistician enjoying careers in structured jobs, such as those found in the military, judges, police, or law office, where they are helping to uphold the law and keep the world a just place to live.  Logisticians love showing off their work or skills and take great pride in the job they do.  Diving right into any task with unabandoned commitment is one way the Logistician shows their commitment and dedication to getting things done and done right.  A Logistician’s analytical mind is a beautiful marvel to behold.  Always wanting to understand the inner workings of something or the reasoning behind decisions, a Logistician never fails to get the job complete.

ISTJs Have It All Figured Out

An ISTJ or Logistician is a person who makes up their mind about something and there is no changing it.  A Logistician has no time for someone who cannot decide or make up their minds regarding a situation.  Indecisiveness is something a Logistician has a hard time dealing with in the other personality traits. Any close friend or family member of the Logistician who has a hard time making decisions often finds the Logistician helping them make up their minds.  Also, the decisions made by a Logistician are well thought out, and all the facts have been carefully considered. You can trust a Logistician to make a good and balanced choice based upon facts.

Understanding the ISTJ personality and their inner struggles can help those surrounding them know how to approach them during these rough patches that are bound to happen from time to time.  Learn more about the Myers-Briggs personality test.