The week begins with Mars in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus on Monday, Aug 1st. You feel compelled to break free and do things on your own in a partnership. You will attempt to become independent. However, be careful not to be rude as this aspect could increase the chances.

On Tuesday, Aug 2nd, Venus in Cancer will sextile Uranus in Taurus. There is a good combination of friendships and new professional relationships today, so now is the time to make some connections—Venus in Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus on the same day. Enjoying happy hour with your friends on this day will allow you to bond with colleagues, clients, and friends. However, be careful not to be too overbearing or one-sided with these aspects.  

Mercury enters Virgo on Wednesday, Aug 3rd. Mercury’s placement in Virgo requires you to analyze every conversation and remember every detail. However, be careful not to become too critical.

Next, on Sunday, Aug. 7th, Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces. It is an auspicious time for creative endeavors. The day is perfect for working on artwork related to work or even a hobby. Unfortunately, Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius on the same day. This frustrating aspect appears to work against you. You have difficulty accomplishing anything today. Perhaps you should take the day off to rest. It is a Sunday, and focus on your creative hobbies. Let’s take a look and see how each of the signs does this week.  

Aries – If you have not booked a spiritual retreat for this week, it may be a good idea as you could use a break from work and get in tune with your spiritual side. It does not have to be a physical retreat, as you could look for a virtual one. If you cannot get a break from work this week, then make time to join a spiritual group if you have not joined one already. 

Taurus – You will want to show the best part of yourself and make yourself as presentable as possible. There may be an opportunity to attend a networking event, and if you make yourself presentable, that can only help your business or career life down the road. 

Gemini – It would be a good idea to review your goals and plans and evaluate them when you have time. You can tweak them if necessary or make significant changes to them. Your ruler is in a good place which can only help you become more discerning. You may want to talk about it with like-minded people in a group. 

Cancer – Here is another week where you will want to pay attention to your dreams because they send you important messages you need to know for the week. Keep a dream journal by your bed if you don’t have one already. 

Leo – You may be urged to make changes to your professional wardrobe, and the energies support that for you. You want to make some changes to your appearance. Therefore, square out a day to go shopping for some outfits that you will like. You will feel great by doing that. 

Virgo – You will find yourself in a better mood this week because your ruler is entering your sign, and you will find that your mind is more precise, your memory is better, and you can think more logically. You will find that you will get upset over fewer things despite some difficult transits this week. 

Libra – Are you journaling? If not, this is an excellent time to start. If you do, it is a perfect time to add some emphasis to it and to make it a priority. You may find that this week you will be able to have a much easier time writing your feelings and thoughts and adding a creative touch to them. You will feel better after journaling too. 

Scorpio – You will be curious about your family history this week as you may learn that particular skill or talent was passed down from your ancestors. If you do not have a good relationship with your family, or if they are estranged, you may come across that somehow, which could explain your skills and strengths as a lot of it is genetic. 

Sagittarius – You will find yourself having a lot of energy, and you will want to expel it in fun ways. That is why you may decide to take a Zumba or kickboxing class or do something extra if you already do. And if you have a lot of work-related stress, that is a great way to expel it. In addition, you are naturally optimistic, so that you will experience plenty of excitement during these dances or workouts. 

Capricorn – This could potentially be a week full of frustrations for you, whereas you will feel that you are working hard, but nothing is getting done. Even though your ruler went into retrograde months ago, you are feeling the effects of it more so this week. The best thing is not to do more than you need to do. Don’t work overtime if you can help it, and don’t decide to do extra work. It would help if you focused on the R&R as much as possible. 

Aquarius – You will be involved in some group projects though you will have the strong urge to be as independent as you like. That is fine, but you also want to be the one to offer some helpful solutions and some creative and innovative ideas as you can help those who you are working with this week. 

Pisces – You will be thinking a lot about how you can save on taxes and other ways to get some extra income back from the government. That means this is a good week to talk to your accountant about your concerns about taxes. You will also want to meet with a financial advisor to discuss methods to grow your income. Growing money from other sources is the theme for you this week. 

Next week is a good week for manifestation with the Full Moon and Venus moving into Leo.