There are not many transits this week, but the ones happening are impactful. On Thursday, Aug 18th, Venus in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries. This is a good day to win a new client or get a promotion as more money comes your way with an aspect like this. However, be cautious as well, as this is an aspect where overindulgence is a risk. Keep your spending modest on this day. 

Then, on Saturday, Aug 20th, Mars enters Gemini. For the remainder of the year, Mars will be in Gemini. You bounce from a passion for passioning in your quest for knowledge under this mutable air sign as your energies become less focused and more flexible. The best thing is to focus on one interest at a time and challenge yourself to finish anything you start. 

On Sunday, Aug 21st, Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. An exhausting day drains your collective energy and leaves you all very tired. So decide on essential matters later and go back to bed. The best thing you can do is recharge and relax to have the energy you need to cope during the following week. Let’s see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – The energies are potent regarding potentially winning a new client this week. Or, you may get some bonus or promotion. Whatever it is that you do, give thanks to the Universe for this blessing. It almost comes out of nowhere. 

Taurus – There is some good luck coming your way professionally as someone is impressed with something you did, whether it was a speech you gave or a piece you have written, and you may be offered an opportunity that you may not be able to refuse. And it would help if you went for it. 

Gemini – As Mars enters your sign this week, you may find yourself feeling passionate and even give motivational speeches or have some motivational talks to those struggling. This is a good week for you to provide some inspiration for someone who needs it potentially, so if anyone comes to you confiding they are struggling to find any passion, listen to them and set them straight, but gently. 

Cancer – Something will cause you to look into why you are into specific patterns or habits that are not helpful to you. Perhaps you will get heartburn often if you are eating unhealthily, or you may find that you end up with an infection in your finger if you are a nail biter, or you may find that your anxiety worsens at work because you have a habit of not speaking up. Something will cause you to self-reflect and figure out how you can begin to break yourself out of it. 

Leo – Something that you created in the past will be noticed more this week, and this will be a good thing because the odds are in your favor that you could end up with a new client or some bonus or promotion at work. As a Leo, that will make you happy as you love others to notice what you do. 

Virgo – Be very careful this week, as you can quickly become drained by a stressful work or family argument. The risk is the highest during the latter part of the week, but you will want to focus on replenishing yourself, meditation, and eating well, so you don’t end up with tapped-out resources by the end of the week. 

Libra – There is luck headed your way to gaining more business or profitable work. But you will have to do your part by presenting yourself well and catching them by telling them how you can genuinely help them and what you can offer them. You have it in you to be convincing and to make some deals. 

Scorpio – You may find yourself torn as you could potentially end up with a lot of work, and your time devoted to it could get into the way of any time spent with your family. If they are not happy with you because of this, you will need to tell them once in a while that you will have to be devoted to your work, but you will want to ensure you make it up to them later. 

Sagittarius – Here is another excellent week for you to focus on your socialization. However, you may want to consider hosting a work-related get-together so you can score some points with your professional relationships. You are pretty good at doing that type of thing, so you will make it impressive. 

Capricorn – You will be urged to try new cuisines or types of food that you have not tried. It is not necessarily foreign cuisines but fresh foods that could benefit your health. And it would help if you went for it because you may find that adjusting your diet will help you in many ways with your productive life. 

Aquarius – There is still a lot of energy around you have to work with others this week, but instead of tension, you have a much better chance of creating something successful with them. Or, you may end up making a deal with a new client. Either way, there is good energy around working with others for you this week. 

Pisces – There is a good chance you will connect with someone who can help you meditate better and do some further shadow work that will only help you feel more confident and sure of yourself when you are either looking for a job or looking for more clients. 

Next week, the spotlight will be on Virgo as the sun moves into Virgo, and by the end of the week, there will be a New Moon in that sign.