Not much happens until Thursday, Aug 11th, when Venus enters Leo. Then, you will be in a place where you will not only find pride but show off your accomplishments as you should, but be careful not to brag too much. That will only turn other others off. 

On the same day, the Sun in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. You might be knocked off your feet by unexpected changes. Take things slowly and tread carefully on this day. That could be an unexpected situation arising at work or home. Also, on the same day, Mars in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. This is an excellent day to incorporate your spiritual beliefs into your professional and personal life, as you will have a perfect opportunity to find some meaning in what you do. However, be careful not to do anything excess, such as overspending or overeating. 

Then on Sunday, Aug 14th, Mars in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. With this confident aspect, you can tap into your inner strength and push your boundaries. This energy lasts for a few days, so that you can take advantage of this at work. Just be careful not to be controlling and intimidating. On the same day, the Sun is in Leo in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect creates many obstacles to overcome this day of deep insecurity. Don’t take life so seriously today; there is nothing personal in it. Let’s see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – You will be very contemplative this week, as you will not necessarily be questioning if you should be doing your work. You will be thinking about your purpose and the purpose of your role in your career. Therefore, expect to experience some deep thoughts, which may, in the end, bring you to find more appreciation for different things. 

Taurus – You do not do well with sudden changes, but unfortunately, this is the week where they will happen as it could be a situation where a colleague quits, and more work falls on you – or it may have to do with your home. But as much as you dislike these sudden changes, you will find it within you to stay as disciplined as you can to get through them because you have no choice. 

Gemini – You may be in a position where you have to help someone get through some difficult times, as it may be as simple as taking over someone’s tasks while they get through their issues – or you may have to help a neighbor with a challenge they are facing. However, this is the week where you will be needed. 

Cancer – You may learn that a hidden competitor is stealing your tactics, or if you are not a business owner and you are at work, there could be a disgruntled colleague trying to sabotage you somehow. It will be distressing to learn of this, but someone is doing something at your expense. If you discover it, you will want to confront them in a way that won’t make them too defensive but make it known that you are also watching them, so they know not to overstep your boundaries. 

Leo – With Venus entering your sign, you will want to be careful that you do not show off your accomplishments too much. You are very much in the spotlight still, which means you have the opportunity to express yourself and make yourself known. If you want to show off your accomplishments, be humble and encouraging to others and inspiring. Others are watching, so make a good impression. 

Virgo – There is a good chance you will be dealing with an unexpected expense which is why you will want to balance your budget well this week. Look into your savings, and perhaps look into ways where your money could grow better. That will not necessarily help you with the expense you must take care of this week, but it will be an eye-opener. 

Libra – This is an excellent week to not only do some blogging but to show off your work, as you will want to blog about helpful topics to your followers, and be sure to share your written work to various platforms. Not only will you have an audience impressed with what you write, but they will appreciate the help you give them. 

Scorpio – You may have to deal with a lot of work at home aside from your professional career. Perhaps an issue in your home needs fixing, or you may have the urge to organize a room and junk or donate some items. But the energy around you working in your home is powerful. 

Sagittarius – This is a good week for you to socialize a lot. You will feel more energized when you mix, and you will feel refreshed after enjoying happy hour or dinner with colleagues or friends. That can only help your productivity. 

Capricorn – Trying out new exercises such as tai chi can be helpful for you this week. You have been dealing with a lot of stress and may have tension headaches and pain. Tai chi can help strengthen your entire body so you can withstand more. 

Aquarius – You may have to work with others a little more this week, as there are energies around you regarding collaboration. However, since your ruler is in a tense aspect that can cause clashing with others, you may find yourself getting upset over trivial situations, which can cause tension with your colleagues. Be careful not to make mountains out of molehills. 

Pisces – You are spiritual and creative by nature, but this is a good week where you will want to tap into your spiritual side to find the meaning for your work role and your purpose as a whole. That can help you get through some difficult situations that might arise this week from tense aspects. 

Next week Mars enters Gemini, which can cause chaos in some aspects of your life, but it can be helpful if you can control your role.