The week begins on Dec 6, Mercury in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Pisces. Here is a hard day to trust anyone since people may be operating with ulterior motives. Avoid manipulation by being realistic. On the same day, Mercury enters Capricorn. As a result of the upcoming retrograde, the planet of communication will remain in Capricorn for the remainder of 2022. Due to these factors, contact will be severe but practical for the rest of the year. The focus will be on business, career, and anything else pressing.

On Dec 7, there is the Full moon in Gemini. The past haunts you during this anxiety-filled full moon. Reflections on the past year can trigger anger and revenge. Focus your anxious energy on building a brighter, happier future. The best revenge is a life well-lived. Do not be afraid to speak your truth.

On the same day, the Sun in Sagittarius opposes Mars in Gemini. A competitive and aggressive approach can cause hurt feelings and conflict, especially with your employers and colleagues. Think before you speak, therefore. Also, Venus in Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Pisces. In terms of self-discipline, this aspect is not known for its self-discipline. This is a great day to socialize, have fun, and make new friends. Very easy to overindulge. While Venus enters Capricorn, Venus enters practical Capricorn when financial and business matters need to be taken seriously. The next four weeks will see you value loyalty, reliability, and maturity more. Let’s see how your sign does this week!

Aries – This is a good week for you to have some competitive games with friends, whether a game of squash or a card game. It is a great way to bond with them, and you love competitive games anyway, so why not have fun with it? It is the perfect thing to do during the Full Moon. 

Taurus – You may be upset about the times you may have done more for others than they did for you. The Full Moon will illuminate that your generosity may have been taken advantage of at times. Whatever you do, do not lose sleep over it or think about it too much, as you tend to dwell on the past. The best thing to do is to move forward by being more careful. 

Gemini – The Full Moon and other energies happening this week are having a significant impact on you. Therefore, this is an excellent time to host a holiday party, or you may even get invited to a few, whether family or work-related. However, watch what you say around others, as you don’t want to put your foot in your mouth unintentionally. 

Cancer – You will learn about how some of your investments are doing, and you will know around the time of the Full Moon. Whatever the results are, you will not want to change anything unless the financial advisor strongly advises it. You don’t want to change anything because of the influence of your emotions. 

Leo – You may find yourself having an opportunity to do some traveling in the coming year for business, and there will be the talk around that at the time of the Full Moon or sometime after that. That is always exciting for you to imagine, so you will want to think about manifesting the steps to make it happen. 

Virgo – How can you be a better leader to yourself and others? You have been a perfectionist for a long time, and this Full Moon will impact you more than some other signs due to its mutable modality. You may have the reputation of being too obsessive, so you will need to reflect on that, and instead of being too driven, you will want to be more laid back and inspirational. 

Libra – This is also a time to enjoy socialization, as the holiday season has that going for you. But you will also want to focus on manifesting anything related to your work or business in the new year, as you will want to set some intentions to remove what is holding you back from it during the Full Moon. As your ruler moves into Capricorn at the end of the week, you will realize you need to get serious about making it happen. 

Scorpio – Don’t be surprised if you have prophetic dreams this week and will notice them more during the Full Moon. You will want to pay attention to your goals by keeping a dream journal. If you have a dream about someone who you know and it is not a favorable dream, you will need to tell them to warn them. What they do with the information is up to them. 

Sagittarius – You may feel stressed during the Full Moon as these energies will profoundly affect you. You have been busy between meeting work deadlines and anything else holiday-related. Ensure that you take some time to rest in between. 

Capricorn – You may get some compliments this week about your wit, and you will realize that you may be better socially than you had figured. It is the holiday season, and you may get some invitations to work-related holiday gatherings or personal. With Venus entering your sign at the end of the week, you will also be thinking more about your relationships. 

Aquarius – You may be inclined to do a lot of blogging or vlogging this week as you will have plenty of helpful advice to give and call things out that you find unacceptable. You may find yourself doing more of this during the Full Moon. It will be therapeutic for you. 

Pisces – Truths will come out about family, as you may learn more about your roots or discover an old family secret around the time of the Full Moon, as this one will significantly impact you. It does not necessarily mean this will be negative, but it may be surprising.