The week begins with Mars in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn on December 6th, which will give you the energy and ambition so you can go after what you want. It is a great time to go after what you want! However, don’t throw anyone under the bus as you do it!

On December 7th, Mercury in Sagittarius makes a square to Neptune in Pisces, which will enhance your creativity. However, be sure to stick to your logical side as your judgment could be poor as your accuracy rate would be lower than it usually would. 

On December 8th, Mars in Scorpio makes a square to Jupiter in Aquarius, as this is an excellent day to take risks. First, however, ensure that you have a strategy in place before you do anything at all.

Then on December 11th, Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and that is when you will want to bond with your friends and colleagues, but the risk is that you may find yourself clingy, or they may become clingy towards you. There is a risk of obsession as well. Mercury in Sagittarius will sextile Jupiter in Aquarius on the same day, and you will have an intense thirst for knowledge. It is an excellent time to study or explore, and it is a perfect time to travel. However, you may be at risk of overspending, so you want to be careful with that. 

On December 12th, the Sun in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, which can cause a drain on your vitality and health. It is essential to stay in bed and rest when you are not working. Your energy will become depleted quickly at this time. On the other hand, it is an excellent time to relax, read your favorite book, and sip on your favorite tea.  Let’s see how each of the signs does this week!

Aries – You will have the urge to make a risky investment because you have heard of others having success with it. Maybe you are beginning to learn about cryptocurrencies and want to make more significant moves with them. Perhaps you have a fair amount of knowledge in them, and you want to make a bold move. Whatever you do, listen to advice that others give you on any investment matter. You will regret it otherwise. 

Taurus – There is a high chance that this week you will come across someone in the professional network that will offer you something that will cause you to move away from your comfort zone somewhat – and you will be open to it. Maybe they want to do a joint venture project with you after the new year or offer you something else entirely. Since you are the cautious type, you will not take any risks that are too uncomfortable, but it will be a good idea to be open to this. Don’t shut this new potential opportunity out because of fear. 

Gemini – You are still working on organizing your personal and professional life. You may find it a good idea to hire a life coach to work on learning about new tips to help keep you organized and talk to your friends and colleagues about how they are staying on top of things. You know that you rarely stick to any new year’s resolution, but when it comes to being less scattered, that is something you want to put your heart into. 

Cancer – The best thing you can do is take some time off of work if you can this week so you can indulge your creative side. You must have that time to do that as it will help you process your emotions and give you the time to breathe that you need. If you cannot take time off, you will want to square time away to do some creative writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, or whatever you choose to do. 

Leo – You will be doing a lot of thinking and planning, which is why you have your thoughts on the new year, even though this is the time to let loose for the holidays. You will be making some business plans for 2022 and creating new visions of what you what in the new year. So the eyes will be on the future for you this week. 

Virgo – You have the urge to be super-critical this week, and you may find yourself correcting the grammar of others and being extra hard on yourself. Therefore, if you don’t catch yourself in the act, you will either lose time or productivity by being upset with yourself or get into arguments because others will not appreciate you correcting them. On the other hand, your super-critic will be in high gear because you are in a position where you are being extremely thorough with everything now. 

Libra – You are all about relationships, but this is an excellent week to make new connections. It does matter how you do it, whether you increase your connection based on LinkedIn or through some other network but focus on expanding it because you never know what they can lead you towards later on. 

Scorpio – You may feel frustration this week over not feeling as if you are heard. You have important things to say, and you want to end the frustration of feeling that you are not being listened to, so the best thing to do is send a mass message through email or LinkedIn highlighting what you need to say, and maybe not everyone will read it. However, many people will, and any acknowledgment will make you feel better. 

Sagittarius – You are in the holiday mode and spirit, but at the same time, you are looking forward to the new year to make some changes because you know that new opportunities will arise if you can do that. At the same time, don’t sneeze at your achievements this year because you have done well. However, you are looking forward to a change. 

Capricorn – You are inclined to make an investment that is on the risky side. However, you are confident to do it, and if you are confident, you can do it, but remember to be prudent as you can become overzealous based on the energies around you. Therefore, ensure that you consult with a financial advisor before doing anything. 

Aquarius – You are feeling somewhat competitive this week as you gather up your competitors’ names and analyze their sites and stats. You will find a creative way to see their clients and customers and implement it once the holidays end. If you don’t own a business and are working at a company, you will feel the same way towards a coworker but restrain yourself from throwing them under the bus, even if there is a reason. 

Pisces – You will have a strong focus on alternative medicine and nutritional supplements. You may believe that some of them will help you improve your productivity. You may get ahead of yourself by trying them out on your own, but the thing to do is to consult with a reputable homeopathic healer who also does not deny science. 

The energies are a little more fun since the holiday season is here, and you will find that for the remainder of the year as well, for the most part, anyway.