On Monday, February 14th, Mercury re-enters Aquarius, and it is a strange thing to happen since it is Valentine’s Day as Aquarius is a very detached sign. Therefore, these are not romantic energies. It is not a good day to have romantic conversations with partners, but it is a great day to talk about anything that you can see objectively. It is a great day to have meetings about topics that you can look at in a detached manner, such as evaluating the performance of employees or freelance workers you hire. 

You will want to have this type of meeting before Wednesday, February 16th, because Venus makes a conjunction with Mars in Capricorn. That means you will begin to feel passionate about what interests you, and you may find yourself being defensive if anyone criticizes the way you handle certain situations. It is an excellent day to focus on your passions, and you can get a perfect creative boost too. 

On Thursday, February 17th, the feelings will be stronger as Jupiter in Pisces makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. You may find that trying out unusual and different approaches to marketing and expressing your creative side differently on this day. 

Then on Friday, February 18th, the Sun enters Pisces (Happy Birthday, Pisces), which will enhance creativity and empathy over the next four weeks. Therefore, that is a time to put your creative side into power and go with your intuition, as it will be pretty intense at this time. So let’s see what the signs have in store for this week. 

Aries – Your ways of communication this week may surprise you as you could be likely to send an email that you usually would not send or say something you may not normally say. Be careful with your words, and you may not want to interact with your competitors as you could say things you could regret. 

Taurus – You will be thinking about your childhood a lot and some of the traumas associated with it. This is a week to do some shadow work, so you do not allow your discoveries or ah-hah moments regarding your childhood to get in the way of your productivity. 

Gemini – If you decide to make money with a side hustle that you want to create that develops from a hobby. Your ruler heading into Aquarius will allow you to think of innovative ways to start a business that would appeal to many potential clients or customers. Therefore, this is a good week to begin planning for it if you want to do. 

Cancer – The Moon is in your sign and the Sixth House at this time, which means you may find that you are having issues with digestion. If that is the case, that could be interfering with your productivity at work and in other areas of life. The best thing to do is drink more water and take probiotics, which can help balance your system out. 

Leo – Teamwork is the goal for you this week as you will work best if you work with others, as working independently is not ideal for you. If you work independently, such as freelancing, you may want to participate in groups and forums that can help you gain some insight that you will need this week for your work. 

Virgo – The energies around debts and taxes are still intense for you, but as your ruler moves into Aquarius, there is some innovation around that. You may also want to constant your financial advisor to develop some plans on how you can make the most of your current investments and perhaps create a savings account to take care of any outstanding debts. 

Libra – Last week, you had the desire to expand your knowledge. This week you will take action and take a course to do so, and it won’t be a long one, or you will begin to learn new things very quickly. That is because your ruler conjuncts with Mars. This is something you may apply to your line of work, or you may learn for personal reasons, but the urge to do this is strong either way. 

Scorpio – You need to focus on your leadership skills right now because you are also looking at having to organize some group projects meetings and coordinate other things as there is a lot of pressure to do so. You want to make sure that you are in shape to do it correctly. 

Sagittarius – This is an excellent week to manifest what you want and focus on your wishes and dreams. That is because of your ruler’s position, and setting intentions to create a reality out of a dream is something you should do as the energies for you to do that are strong now. 

Capricorn – Taking some time out and meditation to help get rid of bad habits is the thing to do this week as the energies are still heavy in the Twelfth House. As you have been doing some shadow work, you will need to learn to do some meditation to clear your mind, and it can help with bad habits, which will only improve your productivity. 

Aquarius – As Mercury enters your sign, you will find that your intuition strengthens in addition to better reasoning. And you can use it to represent yourself even better in the past. Therefore, if you have to conduct or even attend a meeting, you will intuitively know how to show yourself well or express yourself well to the point that others are highly receptive to what you say. 

Pisces – This is your birthday week, so Happy Birthday Pisces! The spotlight is shifting onto you! However, in the meantime, the focus for you is to look within and see how much value you have to give. Sometimes you question it, but you are full of value, and you don’t see it at times. Look at all of the positive ways you have contributed, which will help boost some confidence. 

Pisces, you will be the star of the show for the next few weeks so that the spotlight will be on you!