Not too much happens during the first few days of the week. Still, on Wednesday, February 23rd, Mars in Capricorn makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. This can create an excellent opportunity to express some creativity as it is a fantastic time to prep for a marketing campaign. However, be careful not to overdo anything as you could easily overeat or overdrink with this aspect. 

On Thursday, February 24th, Venus in Capricorn makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, which is also a great day to enhance your creative side as you can also prep for marketing campaigns. You have heightened intuition, but don’t ignore it, as you can easily fall for scams or rogue business opportunities. Even though Neptune is good with Venus, you can still be fooled by the energies. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize your intuition and not fall for anything that looks good. 

On the same day, Mercury in Aquarius makes a square to Uranus in Taurus, which could potentially cause you to overthink and become anxious about situations that may never happen. With this creative energy that you can harness, the only thing that could stop you from going after something unique is thoughts of self-doubt due to overthinking. However, this energy can also prevent you from rushing into things without thinking them through first. 

The best thing to do is to meditate if you are nervous, which will help clear your mind, which will help you make better decisions. You don’t want this creative energy this week to go to waste! Let’s see what happens for the rest of the signs. 

Aries – You will be concentrating heavily on what you want and your needs and how you can communicate your needs better than you have. You may realize that you are working in your field because the money is good, but you are not truly happy. Or, you may find that you are charging a lot less than what you are worth. When you make these realizations, you will have to find a way to make changes to those, which depends on communicating your needs and wants. 

Taurus – With your ruler making a sextile to Neptune, you may find that one way to unwind after a long day at work is to pick up an old childhood hobby. For instance, if you enjoyed drawing when you were young, you may find comfort in doing that again after a long day of work!

Gemini – Your ruler is making a square to Uranus this week which means that you may worry about not working enough and perhaps “playing” too much since the energies in your Fifth House are concentrated. You may be worrying for nothing, but if you are not, the thing to do is find a way to balance work and play if you feel you have been slacking off. 

Cancer – Have you thought about getting a pet if you don’t have one already? That may be a great idea. This is a great week to adopt a pet, or if you have one, you may want to get another one to keep them company. Also, you may come into more work and added responsibilities with it, so having a pet may keep your mind at ease.  

Leo – You may still be encouraged to keep up with teamwork. Still, the issue is you are facing a T-square this week involving Mercury and Uranus, and that may cause you to struggle to trust your teammates, and you may think that they may be finding reasons not to include you or that a client of yours is shopping for competitors. So there will be a lot of angst and overthinking. 

Virgo – Be careful when you sign contracts this week because your ruler is not in a good position as it makes a square to Uranus, which can cause you to act hastily without thinking. Your anxiety levels may also be up, so you will need to remember to practice grounding exercises. 

Libra – You may be triggered by something that happened in your past by the action of a client, colleague, or even a friend that could hamper your productivity because of having the emotional response to the issue. It is deep into your psyche as you have the Moon and the energies in the Eighth House concentrated. However, your ruler and Neptune have a good aspect, and some art therapy may help sort your feelings. 

Scorpio – Getting in touch with your spiritual side will be highly beneficial for you this week! That means after a long day of work, or even before you start your workday, you will want to do some meditation and take time to slow down, so you really get into contact with your spiritual self. 

Sagittarius – You will be in a position where you will want to ensure that your reputation is in a good place because you may end up with an important role. However, with Mars and Venus in a good place for you, you will find the charm and motivation to make it work for you!

Capricorn – This is the time to focus on your wishes and dreams. You have the power to manifest them with Venus in your sign allowing you to do some excellent visualization exercises. In addition, you have the tools to attract anything that you want into your life. 

Aquarius – You have some potent energies that cross between your Eleventh and Twelfth Houses, which will cause you to look within once again why you struggle to manifest the things that you wish. And with Saturn in the picture, you will find that you are hyperfocused on learning about what part of your shadow self is getting in the way of you manifesting what you wanted, such as a better-paying position, better clients, or more money. You have had to deal with a lot of self-reflection over the year, and this is not done for you. 

Pisces – You may find that you have some excellent side-hustle ideas, and your creativity is high given that your ruler is in a perfect astrological position with Venus that feels very home when it is in your sign. Make sure that you write down any side hustle ideas and how you envision them working for you. 

Now that we are at the end of February, next week, March arrives, and get ready to power up your intuition and creativity with the New Moon in Pisces!