The week begins on Tuesday. March 1st, the Sun in Pisces makes a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. That is an excellent day for stimulating your creative juices, and if you want to create something brand new, this is a wonderful day to start with that. However, you can be somewhat impulsive, so don’t act before you think. 

Then on Wednesday the 2nd, there will be a Pisces New Moon, which means you can set intentions to manifest things that you want, such as new clients and more money. That New Moon allows you to do that with your imagination. You are also going to feel more generous at this time. However, don’t forget to set some boundaries as well, or you will end up regretting if you say “yes” when asked for a favor that you do not want to do. 

On the same day, Mercury makes a conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius, which is a great day to set some goals for self-improvement, which is excellent for manifesting what you want that you will do during the New Moon. However, don’t start thinking that you are more evolved or motivated than others. You may become critical of others with this placement. 

Then on Thursday, March 3rd, both Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. It is a great day to purge anything that no longer serves you. You will have the determination to succeed as well. However, be careful that the Venus influence can cause obsessive thoughts when it comes to any relationship you have and jealousy and competition. Focus on what best serves you, and don’t worry about anyone else. 

Then on Saturday, March 5th, the Sun in Pisces makes a conjunction with Jupiter. You will feel highly confident and think that you can get out of your comfort zone easier, which is good when you want to grow your business. However, don’t spend time in the spotlight because this feeling will not last, and you will lose your desire to stay out of your comfort zone. 

On the same day, both Mars and Venus move into Aquarius. With Mars there, you will desire to make some bold and unusual moves to reach your goals. However, be sure not to act before you think, or your efforts will backfire. 

Venus in Aquarius will help you make some new friends or professional connections over the next month. However, you may find yourself somewhat distant from others as well. So get close enough to get to know them. 

Finally, on Sunday the 6th, Mars and Venus will conjunct one another, making it an ideal time to be creative and innovative with your projects or new tasks. But you may find yourself competitive towards others, so you will want to be careful with that. 

Let’s see how the rest of the signs do on this day. 

Aries – You will place a lot of importance on your skills and how you can also keep improving them. You want to get better at what you do, which is not necessary to earn more money. You want to be known as one of the best in your field!

Taurus – This is an ideal time for networking and brainstorming on new projects with others, which does not necessarily mean that you will make joint venture programs. However, you can gain some ideas from others for your line of work and some ideas for good professional practices that you may not know about yet. 

Gemini – The energies for you are concentrated in the Fourth House, which means anything having to do with your home and childhood could come up this week and the next several weeks. While you are off work, whether you work from home or your office away home, you want to make your time at home productive where you can do some meditating, shadow work, and anything else that can help you clear yourself so you can reach goals that you set. 

Cancer – You may become frustrated with yourself because you could experience some blockages in creativity this week. You may struggle to come up with blog post topics or ideas for marketing. The best thing to do is to sleep on some ideas that don’t inspire you, and over some time, some of them might and could stir some creative juices. 

Leo – This is the week to focus a lot on your health. You may find that you struggle with brain fog during some parts of the day is because you are not sleeping or eating well. This is an excellent time to evaluate your diet and lifestyle and see where you can make improvements to improve your productivity in your personal and professional life. 

Virgo – You know that when it comes to colleagues you don’t care for, you learn to find a way to work with them and to be civil. However, when it comes to personal friendships, you have the power to cut relationships that you find to be draining or one-sided. This is the week that will remind you of this fact. So keep your energy protected at all costs. 

Libra – You may find yourself feeling bored in some aspects of your life, and it may have to do with your work. However, you won’t be focusing on what makes you bored. Instead, you will heavily focus on your passionate side and what excites you. You will be looking for ways to bring that into your life more, including your professional life. It does not necessarily mean you will change your line of work, but you will want to find ways to make it more exciting. 

Scorpio – Your focus will heavily be on your spiritual side, and perhaps even consider doing yoga and meditation classes with friends or other people. It may be good for you to talk about spirituality, and you can discuss it with your colleagues and friends, which can help you build a new perspective that can serve you in your personal and professional life. 

Sagittarius – You will not only be in a position to show some leadership to others, but you may have to do some public speeches whether they are in zoom meetings or you get up and talk to an audience in person. However, the signs are showing this week you will be showing leadership abilities, conducting meetings, and potentially doing public speeches, which you will have an easy time doing, especially towards the end of the week. 

Capricorn – You will be in a great position to purge something that no longer serves you, so it is a great time to clean out and organize your office desk. However, at the same time, you may have plenty of doubts about yourself, and that can plague you when it comes to you attempting to manifest your wishes and dreams this week. Therefore, it would be best if you found out what is precisely fueling this self-doubt so you do not let it get in the way of manifesting. 

Aquarius – The energies are intense for you to have someone from your past come into your life to help you attain something vital to you for some time. This individual could be an old client or colleague, or even a high school friend that connects with you on LinkedIn, and they may have the link to help you attain what you need. 

Pisces – You are feeling quite confident as you find that you are attracting things you want, such as business or even money from other ways. However, there is a lot of energy in your sign, including the New Moon. The upbeat energy can cause you to overextend yourself and be very careful not to offer favors to those who will take advantage of your kindness. Also, don’t say “yes” each time someone asks you to do them a favor. 

Next week, the energies for March will be in full force, so stay tuned for that.