The week begins with the Full Moon in Cancer on the 17th, which will present to you that you will need to make sure that you balance your home and work life better. You will also be highly emotional on Monday. Therefore, you will need to do what you can to manage your emotions. 

Then on Tuesday, January 18th Uranus goes direct in Taurus as it has been retrograde since August 19th, 2021. That means any significant changes in your life, personal and professional, that will occur externally will happen from this date onward until it goes into retrograde again. Therefore, if you were meant to make a change during the retrograde, a change will happen whether you like it or not. 

On Wednesday, January 19th Sun enters Aquarius, which means, for the next month, you will focus on technological and progressive aspects of life. You will also want to apply them to your personal and professional life. You may not focus on your needs too much, and you want to ensure that you don’t ignore them. Don’t put your needs on the backburner, or else; you will burn out. 

On Sunday, January 23rd, the Sun makes a conjunction to Mercury in Capricorn, and that is when communication is at its best because the ego and mind will merge. That is a great time to meet with other professionals to make your needs, wants, and visions are known. Even though this happens on a Sunday, the aspect will still be there on the following day, which will be the better time for the meeting. You also want to make sure that you think before you say and do things as you may find yourself wanting to bend the rules given the heavy Aquarian energies. 

On the same day, Venus in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus, making it an excellent day to try something that you have not tried before involving other people. You can try something new such as trying a marketing tactic that you have never tried before, which may work great and bring favorable results. However, don’t take unnecessary risks which you could take from being complacent. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – You want to be very careful this week when it comes to bad habits getting in the way of your productivity. You may suddenly think of negative situations that happened in your childhood that have affected you today – and have the urge to eat or drink too much. Your ruler’s challenging aspect to Neptune may aggravate this possibility. Stay mindful. 

Taurus – One of the things that you will want to do when it comes to winding down is to read, as it is suitable for your mind and will help with your memory and cognition. You may find yourself having to do some problem-solving, and reading is an excellent way to wind down. Again, it is suitable for your mind and your soul. 

Gemini – You will find yourself emotionally connected to some aspects of your work this week as the Full Moon in Cancer is illuminated in your 6th house. Given that fact, you also want to ensure that you don’t overwork yourself or deal with digestive issues. Drink plenty of green tea or chamomile tea as it is calming and good for your stomach. 

Cancer – The Full Moon is in your sign which means you will be emotional this week, and the focus will be on digging into your shadow side. You will link some of your moving issues to deep-rooted psychological issues this week which may get in the way of your productivity. You may even have an ah-ha moment about why you chose the field you did if you are not happy with it. But, again, it could have to do with your psychological issues. 

Leo – You have an opportunity to go on a business trip, whether it is this week or sometime this month. However, an opportunity will arise for you to network with some potential clients and even colleagues in another location. 

Virgo – it may present you with a management role that may require some higher education. That can involve taking a few courses or even one course instead of getting a fresh college education. You may or may not accept it, but the energy for it happening is there and strong. 

Libra – You are still going to take on some leadership positions of some sort, but it appears that it may be related to you being in charge of charities and taking donations for your business for a cause they are supporting. If you are the business owner, then this is something you are feeling the urge to do for your business. 

Scorpio – There may be a karmic ending happening this week for you, which may positively affect your productivity. The situation that you feel has been plaguing you has been getting in the way of your work and efforts. But the case should be ending, which will bring you some relief later on. 

Sagittarius – You will feel more in control this week as you have been dealing with problems regarding hidden competitors. However, with the help of some friends, you will find yourself in better spirits and more in control, and feeling more optimistic. 

Capricorn – You will have that urge to control everything this week, and you want to be very careful that you do not get too obsessive about it. You may be more rigid than usual, which means you could be at risk of snapping at a family member who needs you while you are attempting to finish a project. The Full Moon reminds you once again to strike that balance.

Aquarius – You may have some luck with the extra money this week through a bonus or a potential new client trying your services out or through other means. But you may not know what to do with it because of Neptune’s position, which adds to the confusion. So you will want to ensure that you put it into savings before doing anything with it. 

Pisces – There is a high chance you may come across an old childhood friend that you had during primary school. They may contact you through LinkedIn or Facebook, and there is also a chance they may help you later on, perhaps with your profession. 

Over halfway done with January. Can you believe it? Hang in there as Mercury goes through retrograde for a few weeks.