The week starts on Tuesday, July 12th, with Venus trining Saturn in Aquarius in Gemini. Today is a day of sacrifices and compromises, so you must be realistic about your expectations. A trusted mentor can offer guidance on this day, so you will want to seek their advice.

Then, on Wednesday, July 13th, there will be a Full Moon in Capricorn. With this serious full moon, you are encouraged to let go of old habits and focus on your success instead of seeking approval from others. Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus square each other on the same day. The day is filled with unpredictable changes, but thankfully this aspect allows you to make quick decisions easily.

Neptune in Pisces squares Venus in Gemini on the same day. The manipulation of people relies on guilt trips. Make sure that you are not to be manipulated. However, any Neptune and Venus connection can help increase creativity so take advantage of the day to do that. 

Sun in Cancer conjuncts Mercury in Cancer on Saturday, July 16th. You may want to spend the day catching up with family members and repairing some things around the house.

Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, July 17th. Understanding others requires empathy and putting yourself in their shoes. Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces on the same day. Today is the perfect time to tap into your intuition and express your most artistic side. Let your imagination run wild.

Meanwhile, Venus enters Cancer on the same day. The planet of love will be in empathic Cancer during the next four weeks. Your tenderness, protection, and caring are accompanied by moodiness and clinginess. Love without letting it consume you. Let’s see how your sign does this week. 

Aries – The Full Moon significantly affects you like your sign is a cardinal one. And that is why the area of your life that will be affected the most is your reputation and how you appear to others. So perhaps if this is an area of worry to you, changing some habits for the better will help bring yourself a better reputation. And this is something that you may want to focus on this week. 

Taurus – You will be thinking a lot about your goals and dreams this week, and based on the position and transits of your ruler and the Full Moon, you will want to evaluate and see which hopes and dreams are the most realistic to you. If there is something that you want to achieve that could be out of reach, then it is best to focus on the goals that are more within your distance. Of course, you can always revisit that another time. But focusing on achievable goals is what you want to do now. 

Gemini – You may conclude that some of your past actions that went against your values were the result of you wanting to seek the approval of others. That is one thing if you want to impress a client, but what you have done has gone beyond that. Trying to seek the approval of others you do not work for has been compromising your happiness, and during this Full Moon, you will realize that. The only person you need to please is you. 

Cancer – The Full Moon will have a significant impact on you, as you will find that this week you will evaluate your habits and begin to evaluate your goals and self-care rituals that you need to do for yourself. This is the time to focus on your needs and how you can make some self-improvements. 

Leo – You will find that your creative side is robust this week, and you will want to take advantage of it. It does not necessarily involve using creativity for your work only. For example, you may have the urge to decorate your home or office. But the creative burst is something you will want to take advantage of somehow!

Virgo – You have to pay attention to your intuition as some may be trying to be manipulative towards you, or some may be lying to you. Either way, you will get the feeling that there is dishonesty around you, and you have to be open and honest with yourself that there are some out there who do not have the best intentions for you. It could be a colleague, a family member, or a “friend.” 

Libra – You will need to keep your home organized this week, and you may find yourself purging items that you don’t need either you junk them or donate them. However, you will find that when you organize your home, you will feel more productive. The effects of the Full Moon will have an impact on this. 

Scorpio – You have had some intense weeks lately, and you will want to make time this week to chill. Enjoy yourself. Take the day off if you need, or if you’re going to wait until the weekend to enjoy yourself, you can, but make sure you take advantage of it! You will feel the effects of the Full Moon, and enjoying yourself and recharging yourself is necessary. 

Sagittarius – You may want to consider making some diet changes this week. If you switch some foods up, you may feel better. It is a no-brainer to limit junk food and alcohol, but you will want to add more types of vegetables or fruit or change up a protein. Perhaps changing the time of your snack may help. You will want to experiment, but once you find what works for you, you will feel much better. 

Capricorn – The Full Moon is in your sign, and it will have a significant impact on you. It is also essential to work with others this week, whether through collaboration with group projects or taking on a small joint venture. But this week is a lesson for you to not only let go of any controlling issues you may have but to find it within you to trust that they will do just as much of an excellent job as you do. 

Aquarius – You are going to incline to go back to old habits that you did get rid of in the past. However, you will realize that they were detrimental to your productivity then, and you will have to dig into your shadow self as to why you have the urge to get back into them. Therefore, there will be a need to do some shadow work during this Full Moon. 

Pisces – You will be feeling incredibly generous this week, but at the same time, you may be helpful to the point of allowing others to take advantage of you. Be careful of that, and use your intuition to look for the signs of that too. You must protect your energy and shield yourself from those who have the urge to take advantage of you. 

Be prepared for more heavy energies next week, in addition to Mercury moving into Leo, which will help supercharge creativity.