The week begins with Mercury in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn on Monday, July 18. There may be betrayals and hurt feelings due to power-hungry manipulations that may cause you to become vengeful during this intense period. Be careful what you say and do during this period.

Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday, July 19. Mercury enters Leo, giving communication a dramatic and exciting tone. As you progress through the next two weeks, your speech becomes more confident and expressive, and your thoughts become more focused on superb ideas. The Sun is in Cancer and opposes Pluto in Capricorn on the same day. Today is not the best time to strike back because the Sun’s light reveals hidden enemies and competitors trying to steal your ideas. So wait until the right time comes.

Leo is the sign entered by the Sun on Friday, July 22. Happy Birthday, Leo! It will shine brightly in Leo, the Sun’s ruling sign for the next four weeks. As a result, your efforts to take center stage will be fueled by lots of energy. You’re playful, enthusiastic, and somewhat dramatic. 

Jupiter in Aries trines Mercury in Leo on Saturday, July 23. You can take the lead, advance, and gain recognition today. However, don’t allow your ego to get out of hand, as you will end up repelling others and hurting yourself. 

The square between Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Aries occurs on Sunday, July 24. It is easy to be envious of those who appear to be “having it all” and pursuing what they desire. And, it can sting more confident people. But, you can best focus on your goals and what you want and find the motivation to go after them. So, let’s see how the week goes. 

Aries – You will have situations this week where your ego will be challenged, whether you will find that a colleague does not like how you perform your work, or it could be a personal issue. However, it would be best if you relied on your spiritual self to overcome these situations. So do plenty of meditating this week. 

Taurus – You may struggle with becoming a little more materialistic this week, and you will also have issues keeping your ego in check. You may be motivated to make more money for the wrong reasons. Be careful not to let your ego get out of hand if you happen to be managing others at work by bossing them around too much. Also, be careful not to spy on your competitors for the wrong reasons. You want to be successful, but you must consider why this week. 

Gemini – You are in a good place this week to manifest anything you wish, and that is why since your ruler entered Leo, you can express yourself and your desires with a lot of passion and confidence. Trust that you can attract what you wish; this is the week you will need to get in touch with your emotions so you can go after what you truly want this week!

Cancer – Meditation for you Cancer, this week, is essential as you need to focus on decluttering your mind as you have much of it affecting your productivity more than you know. And all you need to do is to take time in the morning or evening. It is your choice to meditate for at least 15 minutes daily. 

Leo – The focus is on you this week, Leo, and the one thing you will want to do is work on how you present yourself to others. Perhaps you may come off too strong, or in a way, others do not understand. Evaluate how you communicate and introduce yourself in every way, including body language. 

Virgo – You will be evaluating your skills a lot this week, so you may consider taking some courses to improve them if you feel that they are not advanced enough. As you know, most industries change and progress, and you want to ensure that your skillset is ideal for the one you are in. 

Libra – You may be struggling with a little bit of envy this week as you may find that your colleagues or personal life seem to have it “better” than you. However, the truth is, those are your thoughts lying to you. It would be best to think of the things in life to be grateful for this week so you can combat those envious feelings. 

Scorpio – There is a good chance that you may feel betrayed by a family member this week, even if they are part of your extended family. Any family drama that you may have this week could impact your productivity. Therefore, you must seek support to feel heard and seen. 

Sagittarius – Socialization is your thing this week as you will want to socialize with your colleagues or friends, and you will want to go for some dinners or have some cocktails with your work friends or friends. Get out there and have some fun, as you will feel more replenished when you do. 

Capricorn – Be careful not to burn out this week as you may feel extra compelled to work overtime or put in more effort than you need. However, you may be doing it for the wrong reasons, such as attempting to prove something to others. Your mental health and physical reserves are at risk, as you don’t want to harm either or deplete your resources. Be sure to nourish yourself in all areas of your life if you want to do extra work.

Aquarius – There is a lot of energy happening in your opposing sign this week, so you need to be mindful of anything to do with partnerships or working with others. You may want to put the extra effort into being a teammate and collaborating with your colleagues rather than working solo, as long as an opportunity arises. 

Pisces – There is a lot of energy around being anxious because of your debts, and all you can do is pay your debts off and, at the same time, not stress over paying them off all at once. Remember that if you focus your energy on deficits, you will attract more. So stay focused and calm about it as you will care for them. 

Next week, the New Moon in Leo and Jupiter is going retrograde. So be mindful of those energies.