Mercury in Leo squares Mars in Taurus on Tuesday, July 26. The energies are combative and paranoid on that day, causing conflicts. Avoid starting new projects or negotiating. It will only make things worse. 

A New Moon occurs in Leo on Thursday, July 28. This new moon will bring out the child in you as it is a wonderful opportunity to start a new creative project. On the same day, Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries, as Jupiter can teach you some pretty hard lessons to bruise your ego when it is retrograde. Therefore, you will shift your focus over the next four months to your internal self as you become more self-aware and mature. Mercury in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus on the same day. This destructive element frequently wreaks havoc and burns bridges for no other reason than to do so. You will want to rely on the New Moon energies to get through this challenging transit.

Then on Saturday, July 30, Mercury in Leo in opposition to Saturn in Aquarius. Avoid self-destructive people in this individualist stage, so avoid getting caught up in the drama. It is best to keep to yourself if you can. Finally, on Sunday, July 31, Sun in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries. The solar transit is an auspicious day filled with success and opportunities to shine. Try not to boast, as that can cause drama. Remember that Saturday’s energies are still potent on this day. Let’s see how the rest of the signs do this week.

Aries – There will be a lot of tension around you at work and home, and the best thing you can do is rely on yourself to get through it. You naturally can do that, given your zodiac sign. However, the challenges can be a bit extra for you this week, and the New Moon energies will allow you to help you focus on relying on yourself. 

Taurus – You may have the temptation to tell someone off this week at work, or it could be even a neighbor who upsets you, but you have to remember one thing. You have your reputation to worry about, so you will want to hold back. However, the chances are that the one you will get into an argument with can be spiteful, so be careful. 

Gemini – Something may work in your favor this week, and it is something you may have manifested, or you were given some gift. However, you will be urged to show it off, which will be a mistake as that will lead to an argument and perhaps even a loss of a relationship. The energies regarding emotions will not be in your favor this week so stay humble. 

Cancer – The theme for this week’s Cancer for you is inner-child healing. That takes a lot of time, but the energies for you to focus on that are strong with the New Moon energy encouraging you to work with your inner child so you can find a way to be more secure and to find enjoyment in the work you do, and in life, in general. 

Leo – You will feel as if you are running the show this week, Leo, with it being your season and the New Moon in your sign. However, be careful not to allow your ego to get in the way. Instead, allow yourself to tap into your creative and imaginative side so you can express yourself in captivating and fun ways. That is how it should be with successful marketing or blogging anyway. 

Virgo – You may begin to doubt your value as there is a good chance someone will offend or rub you off the wrong way. You will wonder how valuable you are in your profession and other areas of life. The lesson is not to let anyone make you doubt your value or your skills because you have to know that you are good enough the way you are. Remind yourself that if you are a business owner, you have clients, or if you are an employee, you have a job. You are valuable for what you do. 

Libra – You may find that taking the time to do some reading, whether nonfiction, novels, or magazines, will do you a lot of good. Your mind needs that right now, which is why you want to go for it. Perhaps it will help get some of those creative juices going. So during your free time, indulge in some good reading material. 

Scorpio – Like Cancer, for different reasons, the energies during this New Moon and other transits are pointing that it will be beneficial for you to do inner child work. Everyone has some issues regarding their inner child for one reason or another. However, in your case, it may take over more than you would realize in weeks to come if you don’t do some of that work now. 

Sagittarius – You will feel some shifts this week as your ruling planet retrograde. You may begin to think about your line of work and whether or not it satisfies you. That does not mean you will be ready to leave your career if you decide that it doesn’t unless you find that you cannot stand it. However, you will begin to explore how to look into methods to make your work and life situation a little more enjoyable. 

Capricorn – You won’t be feeling particularly benevolent this week, as you need to focus on nourishing your needs and, if you have kids, their needs too. However, be careful if someone asks you to do a favor, not accept it by being passive-aggressive about it. The best thing to do is to say “no,” as you could have colleagues asking you to help them with a project while you have more than enough on your plate. 

Aquarius – You are focusing on your creative side, and you will have innovative ideas coming up as the New Moon will affect you as it happens to be in your opposing sign. Be cautious of responding to those who don’t like your ideas. You could be extra touchy and bold enough not to worry about burning bridges. That would be a complex issue if the situation arose at work. 

Pisces – The New Moon’s energies will entice you to make some type of transformation within yourself, even if it has nothing to do with your professional life. This could cause you to make a personal change such as intended weight loss or having the motivation to kick a habit such as smoking because you have the urge to become a better version of yourself. 

Next week becomes the “Sunday of the summer” which is August, and one transit to look out for is Mercury entering its home, Virgo, which will help you think in a more practical way and deal with the other transits coming up.