Mars enters Taurus on Monday, July 4th. Your determination to achieve your goals increases when passionate Mars enters stable Taurus. But it also makes you more stubborn in the following six weeks, as you move toward your desires at a low pace while playing the long game.

Mercury enters Cancer on the same day. Mercury will enter sensitive Cancer in the next two weeks, and all communication will take on a deeper meaning. Emotions can override reason, and feelings can be hurt easily. On the same day, Mercury in Cancer forms a sextile with Mars in Taurus. During this charismatic aspect, it’s a good day to socialize, so you’ll want to get together for a cocktail. 

In addition, Mercury in Cancer squares Jupiter in Aries on Friday, July 8th. When you have too much confidence, this aspect can distract you from the task. On the other hand, an overestimated situation may result in destruction and embarrassment. Maintain a humble attitude. 

The Sun in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus on Sunday, July 10th. During this carefree time, it is an excellent day to spend with friends, family, and friendly colleagues. Just be careful not to do anything risky that you could regret tomorrow. Let’s take a look and see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – You will control a lot of work and maybe in some leadership positions. Be careful as Mercury for much of the week squares Jupiter in your sign as you may find yourself bossing others around more than they would appreciate. If you find that they resent you, you have a lot of self-reflection to do. 

Taurus – Mars enters your sign today, giving you extra energy and motivation. You still have the energetic influence of needing to donate your time to causes that matter and to those who you want to help. However, since you do not wish to have your routine interrupted too much, you will have a much easier time balancing your time better. 

Gemini – With your ruler leaving your home and entering sensitive Cancer, you may take a lot more personal this week. You may find that someone’s sarcasm is a hidden dig at you, and you understand sarcasm well. This is an excellent time to look into your insecurities, as you do not want this to hurt your productivity. But you will be extra sensitive this week. 

Cancer – This is an excellent week to socialize. You will want to get together for an Independence Day party or get-together, and you may want to join some network gatherings to have fun and enjoy yourself. That means during the week, after work, enjoy socializing with your colleagues or friends. 

Leo – You may have the urge to do something different as you may want to find a day with your colleagues to have some fun to do activities such as wall-climbing or going to a racetrack. Therefore, it is an excellent week to make an arraignment at work to have a day like that so you can bond with them outside of a work setting. 

Virgo – This week is a good one for you when it comes to socialization too. However, be sure to try not to take what is said to you personally, as your emotions could be more sensitive than usual. And a well-meaning suggestion may feel like a harsh criticism that will cause you to get your back up. 

Libra – not much will happen this week that will affect your productivity. You may learn something about your family roots this week, which may not necessarily change your life, but it could be one of those things that you may find fascinating, turning into a conversation piece this week. 

Scorpio – Working on your physical activity will help you a lot this week. That means you will want to make time to go for a run before you go to work. And even if you have been doing that already, add some extra time to get physical activity as you have a lot of energy to expel. 

Sagittarius – You are still in a vulnerable position regarding your mental health. You may be finding yourself more insecure and hiding your insecurities by appearing overly confident and be careful not to boss colleagues around as they will not appreciate that. The best thing you can do is be kind to yourself and give yourself grace for how you feel. If you need some alone time, you will need to take advantage of it. 

Capricorn – Sensitivities are strong this week because what is said to you (and what you say to others) can be taken out of context. You do not want to get into meaningless arguments because of some misunderstandings. Be mindful of your words and do your best not to take everything personally. Take many things with a grain of salt. 

Aquarius – If you have not taken some time off so you can spend time with those who you love and care about, this is the week to do that. You may find that this week some issues from your past could come up in your mind, which is another reason that a break or an extended long weekend could benefit you. 

Pisces – You will find yourself thinking about some long-term goals, and you will want to create an action plan as you may risk not taking each step required. Be sure to meditate each day so you can clear your mind and come up with the steps needed to meet those goals. Aim for short-term goals right now. 

Next week, you have the Full Moon in Capricorn, which will cause you to strike a work-home-life balance, and you will have to do some evaluations.