The week begins on Monday, June 13th. Mercury enters Gemini. With Mercury in Gemini, it’s time to enjoy life again! This is an excellent time to potentially go on a  mini-vacation or take some time off from work as this day is a good day to take the day off if you can. However, you also do not want to attempt to do too many tasks, as if you end up doing that, you will fail to complete anything. 

Then on Tuesday, June 14th, there is a  Full moon in Sagittarius. It may even be a good night to throw the first summer party for your work colleagues or friends as it is a highly sociable Full Moon. If you do, try not to stay up too late or regret going back to work the next day. If you don’t want to have a party or a get-together, this is an excellent time to speak your truth, but do your best not to be too blunt. 

Then on Thursday, June 16th, the Sun in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius. Now would be an excellent day to start a significant project that requires commitment, time, and energy. You will have the ability to get the essential tasks done and focus on them well. 

However, on the same day, the Sun in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces. Therefore, there could be misunderstandings, embarrassing situations, and deep insecurities happening on the day. Consequently, it is best to stick to the tasks you need to do and not make any essential decisions simultaneously. 

Then on Saturday, June 18th, Venus in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius. You may potentially lose a client or get some bad news at work regarding a financial issue. Naturally, you will get upset, but remember to ground yourself and remind yourself that this issue will not last indefinitely.  

On Sunday, June 19th, Venus in Taurus sextiles Neptune in Pisces. Now is an excellent time to develop a creative marketing plan or create something new relating to a project you are currently working on. However, this is not the day to go on a shopping spree as you will spend more than you intend and regret it in the future. So let’s see how the signs do this week!

Aries – It is a wonderful week to attend different work functions or even form a joint venture if that is something you would want to do. You will be in the mind frame to stick to the commitment to do your part if you end up forming a joint venture with someone or in a group. 

Taurus – You are an excellent multitasker, even though you doubt that, and you may find that someone compliments you for having those skills. Now that you are fully aware that you can handle multiple jobs better than you think, you may wonder how you can improve your ability to multitask as you also like to be in control of many things since it is in your nature to be in charge. 

Gemini – This week will feel like fresh air because your ruler is in your sign. Therefore, you will have the confidence to say the words you need to say, and you will not hesitate to write emails and even do speeches if you need to. If anyone needs to go on a short holiday this week, it will be you, as the retrograde did stress you out more than you had anticipated. The Full Moon will be helpful in those areas too. 

Cancer – There is a strong possibility that you may end up with a bonus or take on a temporary role that will increase your pay this week. However, if that happens, be sure not to burn yourself out. However, the energy for a little more money in your bank account is promising this week. 

Leo – You will find that you are more prosperous with marketing ideas, and your creativity is somewhat higher this week. However, you may also have the urge to steal the views of your competitors. And that is fine if you can spin it your way, but be careful not to make it too obvious. If you are creative enough with it, you will be fine. 

Virgo – Taking any holiday this week may not be ideal for you. This week, you may find that when it rains, it pours when it comes to your home life and work. You may find that you are busier workwise, and at the same time, you also have extra family responsibilities. Perhaps an appliance may need replacing. Whatever you do, do your best not to burn out, or else you will find that nothing will get done. 

Libra – You may find yourself bombarded with work and not have time to do the things you enjoy this week. During the Full Moon, you will find that you will have put your priorities in the wrong areas as you are not giving yourself enough time to enjoy your life and are working too hard for money. Yes, money is nice, but if working for it does not bring you joy, and you are working to the point it stresses you, it will not bring you happiness. 

Scorpio – Be mindful of your mental health this week as you may be focusing on situations causing anxiety and stress, which is getting into the way of your productivity and interrupting your sleep. You will discover that during the Full Moon, you will realize the importance of being around those who will support you instead of being around those who deliberately drain you. Focus on giving the supportive ones your attention and limit how much time and energy you provide those who add to your stress. 

Sagittarius – You will not be shy at all with what you say to your colleagues or clients, and friends and family as the Full Moon is in your sign, which will amplify your communication skills more. However, be mindful of what you say to those you do not care for, as you could get yourself into trouble, especially in a professional setting. 

Capricorn – There are some stressors involving taxes or debts, and perhaps some investments you have are not doing too well right now. The best thing to do is to stay calm, and the Full Moon will highlight all of these issues. There is no sense in getting upset because solutions are within reach. 

Aquarius – If you did acquire an overseas client, you would have to focus on committing to the work they want you to do. Or, even if you did not achieve that client, you would have to focus on making some commitments this week to do some extra work and be sure not to allow anyone to take advantage of your time. Accept the responsibilities but don’t let anyone put more onto you than you can realistically do. Your entire life is not all about work. 

Pisces – You may have made a mistake, or it may happen, and no one will care, but you will. You might be overly hard on yourself and embarrassed about it. Just know this will not hurt your reputation as you may fear. Remind yourself that no one is perfect and if anyone were to judge you for it, remember that those who do are not perfect either. 

Cancer season begins next week as the spotlight shifts from Gemini to Cancer.