The week starts on Monday, June 20th, with Mercury in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries. This is a good day to expand your professional network or update your profile, as you may find that some things about your profiles are obsolete. However, you may have the urgency to talk to others without listening to what they say, and be sure to speak and then listen.  

Then on Tuesday, June 21st, the Sun enters Cancer. Cancer is your birthday month, and it is the longest day of the year. This is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. In the next four weeks, your focus will shift toward protecting yourself, your family, and your home. However, you will also find yourself more emotional than you usually would, and you will want to do your best to avoid taking things too seriously. 

On the same day, Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. A critical relationship could come from this aspect: a life partner, best friend, mentor, or business partner. However, be careful with who you connect with, as you may be thrilled about bringing someone new into your life, and they may not have the best intentions. Do not forget about your common sense. 

On Wednesday, June 22nd, Venus enters Gemini. You may get a good client, but prepare that they may get fickle and change their mind and ghost you within the next four weeks. The best thing to do is not to put all of your eggs into one basket and not to expect anything significant from one particular client. Let’s see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – You may find this week that you have some extra work piled onto you, as the thing to do is to find a way to multitask effectively so you can control it. You want to control everything as that is in your nature. However, you also have the opportunity to learn some tricks and tips from others who can offer advice on managing your responsibilities. 

Taurus – There are things that you will want to manifest, and this is the week to focus on that. You may wish to attract not only more money but perhaps something more personal. It is an ideal time to listen to the advice of down-to-earth Law of Attraction coaches have to say about how to manifest anything you choose effectively. 

Gemini – You may connect with someone from your past. Perhaps this individual that you may not have gotten along with is someone who you will cross paths with. However, that is not necessarily problematic. Be open to the possibility that they could help you in some way. 

Cancer – You will find that the focus is on you as it is your birthday season, which means you may have the urge to get some new clothes, wear a new hairstyle, and even change some habits for the better. This change may make you feel good on the inside and out. 

Leo – You may be feeling that this is an excellent week to evaluate some home renovation ideas. You may want to renovate your home office if you have one. Or create one if you don’t. You will want to ensure that you find a reputable and well-priced company to do the work this week if you decide to go ahead. 

Virgo – Your ruler is making a sextile to Jupiter, which is why you will benefit well from expanding your network this week. However, you may want to look for those you can add to your professional network that resides in your general area or work in your general vicinity. Therefore, going to some local events is an ideal thing to do. 

Libra – You may choose to decorate your home office, or even if you don’t have a home office, you may choose to decorate your office. There is a lot of creativity within you shining this week, and making aesthetic changes to your office is how you will express it. 

Scorpio – You will be very intense this week, as that is in your nature, but it will be worse as aspects affecting you will be more challenging to handle. That is why it is essential to do something leisurely instead of working overtime. Focus on a hobby you have, or try to look for one you enjoyed in your youth that you may want to revisit. 

Sagittarius – You may find that your mental health could use an improvement as you may be working a lot and not giving yourself enough downtime. Therefore, you will want to look into going to meditation classes or any leisurely class, and it is best in your case to go with a friend or a colleague as it is an excellent way to decompress. 

Capricorn – Since there is a lot of excellent partnership type of energies, and at the same time, there is a lot of energy around the Seventh House, this is a good week to look into joint ventures or perhaps working with someone on a particular project as you will have an easier time brainstorming some ideas too. You do not want this energy to go to waste though it will be with you for a bit longer. 

Aquarius – You may happily receive some money through another source. Maybe a tax refund, or you may get a piece of inheritance you did not know. It could be a small lottery win too. It does not look like a tremendous amount of money, but something is likely to appear to you this week to give you a bit more spending money. 

Pisces – You may have an urge to get in touch with your spiritual self a little more this week. You are spiritual by nature, but you will have the desire to do it even more as you will be urged to expand your network. Perhaps connecting with spiritual-like-minded professionals would be beneficial to you. 

Next week more transits are happening, including the nurturing New Cancer Moon. As an example, you will want to make some fresh starts, such as doing some emotional healing.