There was a lot of activity last week, but this week, not so much. Two key transits are happening this week. 

On Wednesday, March 9th, Mercury enters Pisces. That means The energy will enhance your intuition and creativity, which is excellent for you to carry out some creative projects. Your marketing approach can be innovative as well, which will benefit you. However, at the same time, some logical thinking may be compromised. It may feel that Mercury is in retrograde when Mercury is in Pisces as it is in its fall and detriment. That means when it comes to making decisions, you may need some advice and some second opinions. So take the time to listen as well. 

Then on Saturday, March 12th, the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Here is another aspect that can be beneficial for your creativity and intuition to make that work for you. But at the same time, you need to be careful as this aspect can cause your boundaries to thin out. You may agree to take on more work than you usually would want, for example, and that is something you do not want to do. You will lead to resentment and burnout quickly this way. Let’s see how the rest of the signs do this week!

Aries – It is an excellent idea to do some budgeting this month, and you can even cut down costs by removing subscriptions that you don’t need. That is because you are also thinking of making a more significant investment in something that you may need professionally soon, and you want to make sure you are in a good place financially to make that happen. 

Taurus – Going on a short trip is something to consider this week. You may want to take a day or two to head over somewhere an hour or two away. If you cannot get away because of being too bogged down at work, you can take a few hours away during any day during the week to recharge. It is not a time to do any significant traveling, but having some time out to recharge may be quite important this week. 

Gemini – You still have some energies happening in the Fourth House, representing home and family. However, you may come up with a challenge this week as you could encounter a relative that does not approve of what you do for a living or may not approve of something you do in your personal life. Perhaps you did not enter the family business, or you chose a profession that did not meet your family’s approval. You may already know this, but this week, you will have a reminder. Keep your cool, and do not take them seriously. You keep doing you. 

Cancer – The good news is those blockages you experienced last week are lifted, and you can utilize your creative side for your work and any creativity you want to use. Whether it is innovative to create new digital products, marketing, or even personal things such as finding a new outfit that looks good, you will see it happen smoothly. 

Leo – Health is still a big focus for this week, and if you are finding yourself tired often, you will want to ensure that you drink more water. Everyone needs to stay hydrated, but since the energies are focused on your health, it is essential to make sure you drink enough water to function better and sleep better. 

Virgo – You may find yourself busy with work to the point you are not giving your significant other enough time. If you are in a relationship, don’t neglect your partner. You may forget yourself this week as you are known to get caught in what you are doing, as that is the nature of your sign. This is a reminder that there is more to your life than work and gives energy to your relationship. 

Libra – There are potential signs for money from other sources coming to you this week. It could be an inheritance or even a winning lottery ticket, or you might end up with a refund from the government for whatever reason. However, this is good news to use some extra spending cash. You may or may not use it for professional reasons. 

Scorpio – A spiritual retreat such as a yoga retreat may be good for you this week as it can help you recharge and find an appreciation for your spiritual side. You have wanted to connect with your spiritual side for the last while, but there may be an opportunity to go on a short retreat for it this week, and you should take it. 

Sagittarius – You will want to mind your professional reputation. You may come into a situation where you could disagree with someone, and it can be found online if you don’t make the disagreement respectable. You don’t want to have that attached to your name because another professional could see it and could deny you opportunities as a result. So be careful with your reputation and the way you communicate. 

Capricorn – The energies heavily influence you to get the most of your networks this week. It will serve you best to go to networking events and expand your network. You also have wishes and dreams that you want to see come true, and you could use the help of a professional in your circle to lead you to sources to help make that a reality for you. 

Aquarius – You may have some potent dreams this week, and you may want to keep a dream journal by your bedside so as soon as you awaken, you can note your dreams. You will want to jot them down, so you have them with you before you forget about your dreams as the day unfolds. Dreams are messages from the Universe that show up in symbols, and you will want to go online to interpret them. Your subconscious tells you something important about your professional and/or personal life. 

Pisces – Your creativity is more vital than it usually is this week, so you can write some powerful stories, make some incredible art, or develop some creative marketing campaigns. However, at the same time, you may find yourself struggling to say “no” when others ask you for favors. Remember your boundaries and don’t allow anyone to cross them. 

Next week will be a whole week with the Virgo Full Moon and other intense energies! But, you will be fine, ride with them!