On Tuesday, May 17th, the week begins on Mars in Pisces, conjunct Neptune in Pisces. This is the day to get into your creative side and start setting things in motion when it comes to whatever you want to manifest. However, this is not the time to make any significant decisions, as not only is Mercury in retrograde, but this transit will cause you to act before thinking, and your thought processes will be weak regardless. 

Then on Thursday, May 19th, the Sun in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. Here is an excellent day to evaluate your budget and brainstorm methods to increase your income. However, it is not the time to act right now. 

On the same day, Mercury in Gemini sextiles Jupiter in Aries. Even though Mercury is in retrograde, it’s a great day to plan for the future and visualize what success will look like, as making decisions and concentrating will be somewhat easier. Planning is the thing to do, but do not take action yet. 

Then on Friday, May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini. Happy Birthday, Gemini. Over the next few weeks, you will want to focus on socializing and trying new things. That is an excellent time to inch out of your comfort zone, as Gemini is a versatile sign. 

On Saturday, May 21st, the Sun in Gemini conjunct Mercury in Gemini. This is also a social day to catch up with your friends or clients without feeling awkward. Happy hour is perfect for this day, but don’t get into severe political discussions unless you see eye to eye, as those could turn into heated arguments. 

On Sunday, May 22nd, Mercury retrograde enters Taurus. During Mercury’s second Taurus retrograde this year, the retrograde will feel slower than usual. As a result, decisions will be inflexible and difficult to make. Transits like these can be very frustrating, as you may feel stuck for several weeks. The best thing to do is to get in touch with nature, meditate, and do anything that calms you. 

Mars in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn on the same day. You will be highly goal-oriented, setting you up for the strength and stamina to achieve unrealistic goals. Mercury is in retrograde, and take it slow. Let’s see how the rest of the signs do this week. 

Aries – The position of your ruler and the energies being firm in your Eleventh House is why this is an excellent week for you to manifest anything you like. You have wishes and hopes, and why not go after them this week? You can manifest them quickly if you keep your energies focused on what you want. 

Taurus – You must find time to meditate this week, as you will quickly become overwhelmed, especially if you are working overtime and having to deal with family responsibilities. Take that time to clear your mind daily as you need to do that to keep your productivity strong. 

Gemini – With your ruler in retrograde and entering a sign where it can cause anything to slow down, you may find yourself very sluggish in general. This is the week when it is critical to keep hydrated, eat nutritious foods, and limit sugar (except for enjoying a slice of birthday cake if your birthday happens to fall into this week). If you are sluggish, you will not be productive and will want to nap all of the time. 

Cancer – You may be questioning whether or not you are charging for what you are worth if you are a business owner. Or, if you are working for a company, you may be wondering if you are working for too little. While Mercury is in retrograde and moving back into Taurus, you will begin to question if you are not earning as much as your worth. There is a lot to evaluate with that. 

Leo – Communication is the big thing for you this week. And while Mercury is in retrograde, you will need to be extra careful with what you say. However, you may find that someone is not happy with you because of what you inadvertently told them in the past. It could be a friend or a colleague. Therefore, you will want to be extremely careful before sending texts and emails so you don’t say anything that you don’t mean. Check them well before sending. 

Virgo – You will learn a lot about your family roots this week. As your ruler enters Taurus, you will begin to learn about your past and potentially learn about some old family secrets. You may also have to take some time off of work to help a family member this week if the former does not apply to your situation. 

Libra – The start of Gemini season for you will help support your creative side. Not only will you find it easier to be creative when it comes to planning or marketing your work and designing websites and blogging. But you will be happy because you may find some creative ways to make a fashion statement this week. 

Scorpio – If you have a pet, this is the time to give them some extra attention. If you don’t work from home, you will want to square out plenty of spare time for them. If you don’t have a pet and are considering getting one, this is a good time. Or, perhaps if neither is applicable, why not consider donating to your local animal shelter?

Sagittarius – Be sure not to prioritize your work over your relationships this week. You may find that you have too much work to focus on, but this is the time to balance that between your relationships. If that applies, this is a week to give extra time to your friendships and romantic relationships. Spending time with colleagues is also a good thing to do. 

Capricorn – You have high odds of obtaining money from another source. Perhaps it could be a small lottery win, or it could be some refund from the government. Or, it may be a bonus of some kind. But this money is through another source and has nothing to do with your regular income. 

Aquarius – Planning for an overseas trip is something you may decide to do this week, but with Mercury in retrograde, you do not want to commit yet. However, you are exploring and brainstorming the best time to do it. It may be business or personal-leisure-related. 

Pisces – You will be in some leadership role, as you may have to temporarily be in charge of a project you and other colleagues are doing. Or, if you are a business owner, you may have a lot happening with personal duties in the mix. You will find there is not much support around you for this, and you will have to find a way to cope with it all without getting burned out. Your creativity is excellent, so you can discover ways to do that. 

Next week, Mars enters its home, Aries, and you will find that your motivation levels begin to come back then!