On Monday, May 30th, there is a  New moon in Gemini. As you know, Gemini is a friendly sign, so you might want to hang out with your friends, colleagues, family, or neighbors on this lonely new moon to have a friendly chat. It is also a great time to set new intentions for projects or anything else you want to start. Finally, it is a great time to start anything. 

Then on Friday, June 3rd, Mercury goes direct in Taurus. So the long period of stagnation and delays is finally over, with Mercury finally moving forward in Taurus for a second time. However, be aware that Mercury is in its shadow for another few weeks. That means there will still be kinks that will take a while to iron out. 

On Saturday, June 4th, Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius. You will spend the next four months setting boundaries with your social and professional circle to better connect with your true self. You may also find that there are delays in projects and that old work will often have to come back for revisions. Let’s see what the signs do over the next week. 

Aries – With the New Moon, you have an added benefit of manifesting money this week. And all you need to do is believe that you are worthy of the abundance you could manifest. Think of money affirmations, and take the time to meditate. The energies are pretty powerful for you to make this work. 

Taurus – Pay attention to your dreams this week as you will get some important messages from your subconscious mind. The issues you may have been facing with your professional and personal life are in your subconscious mind. Keep a dream diary by your bed to note those dreams after waking up before you forget them. The solutions to some of these issues may be in your subconscious. 

Gemini – The New Moon is affecting you for the apparent reason the most, and that is why you want to be extra careful with the words you use. Your words have a more significant impact on you than you think. Your words can cause you to manifest anything, so you want to use them very well. 

Cancer – This is an excellent week to do some budgeting. You may find that you have been overspending unnecessarily, and you may find that your expenses have been higher than usual for unnecessary reasons. Therefore, it is good to evaluate your spending habits and cut out anything you don’t need. But, of course, that also counts for your business if you have one. 

Leo – Someone from your childhood could potentially come into your life who could have a benefit your business or for other professional reasons. You have a high chance of meeting them through a network such as LinkedIn, and if it happens, connect with them once again. 

Virgo – You may find that you are struggling to balance work and home life. And during this New Moon, you will have to intend to do that as you may find that you are working too much and not giving your family or your home enough time. So creating strategies to help find balance is something to do this week. 

Libra – You will want to set a new intention during this New Moon energy to focus on your hobbies and balance them with your professional and family life. You may feel like you don’t have the time to focus on your interests and hobbies. But for keeping yourself balanced within, you will want to do that. It is needed for your physical and mental health. 

Scorpio – You may want to set an intention this week as it is the New Moon to change your routine somewhat as your way is boring you and dragging you down. For example, instead of working out at night, perhaps get up a little earlier to work out in the morning before going to work. Changing up your schedule will help refresh you. 

Sagittarius – You may find yourself forming a new relationship with a new client, or you may find yourself having to sign a contract. However, as Mercury goes direct, it is still in its shadow. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you review everything carefully before signing anything and ensure that your new connection’s intentions are good. You don’t want to form a relationship with someone who will take advantage of you. 

Capricorn – You may find that any debts you want to tackle can be done this week, even if it is just a little. You may set some intentions to make more money or save more money to wipe away your debts more manageable. However, you will succeed in taking care of some of that this week anyway. 

Aquarius – The New Moon will encourage you to set intentions by incorporating spirituality and anything you have learned in college or in post-secondary teachings that you may have forgotten in your professional and personal lives. You may find that you will get through your days somewhat easier this way. 

Pisces – You may find that you have more responsibilities this week than before. During this New Moon, you will want to set an intention to prioritize and delegate obligations. You will burn out if you take it all on at once, so you need to know what you must focus on right now and know which responsibilities you can pay someone else to do!

You will feel the effects of Saturn moving retrograde next week, but other aspects will help to ease some of those effects.