On Nov 21, Mercury in Sagittarius conjuncts with Venus in Sagittarius. This is an excellent opportunity to meet up with others through networking, catching up with friends, and nurturing relationships. Get involved! Then on Nov 22, the Sun enters Sagittarius. Over the next four weeks, your energy becomes spontaneous and optimistic as you connect with something bigger than yourself—the best time to think bigger and expand your horizons.

On Nov 23, there is a New Moon in Sagittarius. A new moon in optimistic Sagittarius makes you even more generous since you are open to receiving and giving love. You also feel hopeful about this lunar cycle ahead. On the same day, Jupiter goes direct in Pisces. There is an increasing sense that Jupiter is moving forward in spiritual Pisces. It’s a good time for healing, imagining, and finding inspiration. Perfect timing for Thanksgiving! Let’s see how the signs do this week!

Aries – Aries, you will be pleased this week as you will find that as the holiday approaches, you will have more free time than you had initially thought. Therefore, you will work fewer hours and have more time to indulge in your hobbies. That is unless you have to be the one to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, as you may be considering it happens right after the New Moon, as you will be super generous. 

Taurus – You will be focusing a lot on your mental and physical health this week, as you will stop and reflect during the Thanksgiving holiday and after the New Moon that you are appreciating that you have the endurance and ability to push through challenging work times, whereas others do not. And you will want to stay mentally and physically strong to keep it up. 

Gemini – This New Moon will significantly impact you because you will realize that your relationships are significant, and you may have unintentionally taken them for granted while working too much. Therefore, spend Thanksgiving with those who you care about and take some time off of work if you can as you do it. 

Cancer – You may be surprised, but positive, that you are getting money from another source. Perhaps you may have an investment that went well, earning money through that, and it will likely happen around the New Moon. 

Leo – You may become philosophical this week as you talk to friends and coworkers about deep topics regarding life and spirituality. And you may want to live more spiritually, and that means you will want to make time for meditation, yoga, and anything else. 

Virgo – The New Moon will affect you significantly because it is in a mutable sign, but you will find that you take on some extra work-related responsibility. You are okay with it, considering you are organized and good with detail. Listen to your intuition to keep it in check so you do not burn out. 

Libra – This is an excellent week to be generous with your friends. If you are the one that is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, then that is generosity right there. If not, then you will want to be the one to buy someone who means a lot to you for dinner on another night. It can also be a colleague that has been good to you that you will want to buy dinner for, as the New Moon influences generosity. 

Scorpio – You will be incredibly reflective during this New Moon, as you will also realize that your intuition is more powerful than you once believed. You may think back to all of the times you intuitively felt something to be accurate, and it was, and realize that this is a time to start trusting your intuition a lot more than you have in the past. 

Sagittarius – You will be in a perfect mood this week as your season approaches with the New Moon in your sign. With your ruler going direct, you will feel like you can be your cheerful self again after the challenges you endured over the previous weeks. In addition, you may find yourself getting positive recognition for your excellent work. 

Capricorn – This is an excellent week to express gratitude for what you have, as you will still have your income-related goals, but the New Moon is influencing you to step back and be thankful for what you have, as showing gratitude will help you attract a lot more!

Aquarius – You need to mind your words as they are powerful and be careful how you speak about yourself and to others. Reviewing and editing emails and any other documents you write is a good idea, as the New Moon reminds you of this. 

Pisces – The New Moon impacts you as it reminds you to cherish your family and your home and take a break from thinking of work for a few days. Spend quality time with your family during this Thanksgiving holiday. You will also see that many things you may have stressed over are trivial.