We are now into Sagittarius season (Happy Birthday, Sagittarius), and on the 24th, Mercury enters Sagittarius, which means you will be communicating openly and honestly over the next few weeks. You are going to do that to seek new information as well. This is an excellent time to learn some new things, and if you want to take a course to increase your skills, that is a good time to do so. However, this is not a good time to be around someone who you aren’t fond of, or else you will end up saying things you regret. That will be a challenge if you work with someone who you don’t like. It is best to avoid them if you can. 

Then on the 28th, the Sun makes a conjunction with Mercury which makes it an excellent time to experience having some adventure. If you cannot do anything too crazy, you will do well by reading a good book that will stimulate your mind. If you can take a short one-day trip, then you can do that! However, this is not a good day to interact with those you don’t like, or else you are highly likely to say something you will regret later on. You may want to step outside if you are in their presence. Those are the main transits for this week. Let’s take a look and see how the rest of the signs are doing. 

Aries – This is a great week to do some traveling, so if you plan to go on a short business trip, you will want to do that this week. You can pick up some new clients or learn something new from an associate from the place you are traveling to. Another thing to do is to see that some exciting business options will be presented to you. You will want to weigh them carefully before making decisions. 

Taurus – You will have an easier time inching out of your comfort zone this week as you will find yourself resisting it less. Therefore, if you have a client or boss that wants you to do something a little different, you will be willing to do that without creating much resistance. 

Gemini -This is a good week for you to clear up any misunderstandings that you may have had with others in the past. If there is a colleague you had a spat with before, you will be able to pass the olive branch over, or if they passed that onto you, you would be receptive and be open to their perspective and why they had opposing views to you in the first place. 

Cancer – The influential Sagittarian energy this week will help you feel rewarded for your contributions. You may not necessarily gain financial or physical rewards, but you will feel more complete spiritually and be proud of what you accomplished. So go and have a private celebration for that.

Leo – The Sagittarian energies will encourage you to embrace your adventurous side and not be overly concerned about appearances. Therefore, that means you will want to have some new experiences for the sake of it, not for the sake of you looking good by having them. For instance, you may have the urge to do rock climbing or something you have not done before and not need to post about it on your social media. You are solely in for the experience instead of social recognition.

Virgo – You will find that you are a good listener this week. Whether you are listening to a colleague vent, or a friend, or a family member, you will be there to not only hear but to give them advice. Advice that you know deep down that you need to use for yourself that you often do not. 

Libra – This week is an excellent week for you to do some reading and learning as you will be absorbing new information quickly as the Sagittarian energy will help promote that. If you want to take a quick course on improving a skill, this is the week to do it. Or, if you’re going to satisfy your curiosity in any way, this week supports that too. 

Scorpio – Don’t be surprised if you have a eureka moment on how to make extra money. You may be thinking of potentially starting a new side hustle soon, or you may consider starting it after the new year, after the holiday madness ends. However, the energies this week will affect how you feel about money, and you will undoubtedly want to make more. 

Sagittarius – Since the energies in your sign are heavy this week, you will be the optimist that you naturally are. Therefore, your optimism will rub off on others, and you will encourage them to find ways to live up to their potential, and you will do some extra self-care this week too. So this is going to be a good week for you!

Capricorn – With the heavy Sagittarius energies, you will incline to get in touch with your spiritual side this week. You may find yourself reading books or articles on metaphysics and other realms. You know there is more to life than work and the mundane, which is why you are taking the time this week to explore some of what else is out there. 

Aquarius – This is an excellent week to connect with your friends or acquaintances as you have been focusing too much on your healing and professional life. It would be best if you had this time to bond with your friends and go and enjoy some dinners out or have some get-togethers where you can enjoy the connections. 

Pisces – This is the week where you will be thinking about your career goals for the upcoming year. You will be evaluating the things you will want to change career, business, or work-wise and see how you can implement those changes for the upcoming year. 

Enjoy your Thanksgiving this week with family and friends, and the holiday season kicks off. But, can you believe next week will be December?