The week begins with Mars in Scorpio making a trine to Neptune in Pisces on the 29th, indicating that you will end up having significant psychic energy that can also boost your creativity. This is an excellent day to start new creative projects, but don’t do anything that can cause you to lose interest as you cannot focus well. 

On November 30th, there are several beneficial aspects. Mercury in Sagittarius makes a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, and that is a significant teaching aspect. It is a great day to share your knowledge and skills. However, be careful not to share too much for free. 

On the same day, Venus in Capricorn makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. That is a great day to spend time and enjoy the time with friends, colleagues, as well as your partner. Just be careful not to overdo it and drink in moderation if you go out for drinks. 

Finally, on the same day, the Sun in Sagittarius makes a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, and that also is an excellent time to highlight your knowledge and talents. You never know, that can lead to some big rewards too! Once again, don’t show off too much to the point that others can steal your ideas. 

On December 1st, Neptune finally goes direct, which means to be careful as your mind could get cloudy at times. Be careful not to get lost in a world of daydreams and only use it for a healthy escape to unwind here and there. 

Finally, on December 4th, the New Moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius happens, a vibrant and optimistic lunation. However, it is not a good idea to begin anything new, and you will want to spend time with your friends and family, and colleagues for fun. In addition, we are in the holiday season, so work will, at times, go on the backburner. So, let’s see how the rest of the week does for each sign. 

Aries – You will find that you are in luck this week as you will have an easy time finding holiday gifts for your friends and colleagues, but this is also not the week to not go against your instincts. You may have the urge to act before you think, which can land you into making bad decisions and even arguments that you could easily avoid. So don’t ignore your intuition and instincts this week. 

Taurus – You may find that this week’s life is somewhat chaotic even though the energies are favorable for the most part. It may be one of those cases when you are overloaded with work from clients who need work done before they go on holidays, in addition to family chaos and stress. This is the time to delegate if you must and to honor your alone time in the evenings. Take a bubble bath and enjoy some champagne as you unwind. 

Gemini – This is an excellent time to organize your home and office so that you do not end up facing unwanted distractions, and you will have the urge to do a “year-end” cleaning. Maybe you are having a holiday party later in December, or you have big things planned for the new year, but you will want to organize yourself this week for all of that. 

Cancer – You may find yourself to be overly defensive this week as you may take everything personally. If someone says your office is too cluttered or dares to say that you look tired, you will not take it well. The best thing to do is smile and nod, and you can say “I know” and leave it at that. You are at risk of getting into arguments that can cause you further stress. 

Leo – This week, you will begin to take pride in small victories such as living up to your promise of cleaning your office or changing your email signature because, in the past, you would not have gotten around to these things. You finally will, and you will feel great about it. Any accomplishment is excellent, no matter how large or small. 

Virgo – You are careful as it is, but you will want to be extra cautious before making any decisions to do something this week. You may wish to check reputable resources before making any big decisions because you may fall into the trap of wishful thinking, whereas the energies can affect you this way. If you make a decision or a large purchase without checking any resources beforehand, you will regret it later on. You know that you can be your worst critic too. 

Libra – You will have great determination to work overtime and complete your projects despite the holiday season. Your work will be one of your priorities now, and you will say “no” to social events unless you can finish an important project in time for it. 

Scorpio – You will have plenty of thoughts about how you will want to boost your career or business over the next year, and you will be thinking about that this week. You may find yourself distracted by it when you are doing other things this week. Therefore, if you have a holiday party, this will be on your mind a lot. 

Sagittarius – You will have a moment this week where you will have to show off your talent or skill, and someone will be impressed. Perhaps that individual that will be impressed may think about hiring you or connecting with you to someone who may need your help. It can be something like problem-solving something intricate at a holiday party that will impress them. 

Capricorn – Prepare yourself for a week of being incredibly busy between preparing for the holidays and cramming in time for work. However, even though you know it is essential to get some R&R, you prefer it this way! Being busy is good! Just be careful not to burn out. 

Aquarius – The idea of starting new projects is not one you want to partake in right now. That is because you want to ensure that you complete the old ones that you have. Therefore, you refuse to start anything new until you finish what you created earlier. Unfortunately, that means you may be telling clients to wait for some time before you can get to any new project!

Pisces – You have a strong urge to change your habits right now, which is stressing you out. That is because some old habits die hard, and that is what you are facing. The good news is there is time to allow yourself to make subtle changes daily so that you won’t become too stressed over those changes that need to be made!

Now, we are headed to December, and the holiday season is here. The year went by quickly, and this is the time to begin preparing for 2022.