Here is a heavy week; on Nov 8, there is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. As nothing about this day will feel stable, this year’s lunar eclipse in Taurus can threaten your emotional stability and material security. On the same day, the Sun in Scorpio conjunct Mercury in Scorpio. A day when the truth becomes deeply important, but finding it amid all the secrets and lies being told could prove difficult, creating a day of confusion. Also, on the same day, Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus.
The speed at which information comes on this day makes it easy to jump to conclusions without having all the facts. As a result, your collective patience can be tested and increase anxiety.

Then on Nov 9, the Sun in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus. Unexpected events can rattle you. On the same day, Mercury in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius. Communication will be difficult as delays will cause more delays to vital projects. Thus, it’s crucial to think over decisions and not just trust words at face value since everything has a hidden meaning.

Then on Nov 10, Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. The soothing aspect of this week may make you feel too secure. Nevertheless, it would be best if you remain vigilant at all times.

On Nov 11, Sun in Scorpio squares Saturn in Aquarius. When there is a chaotic aspect, trials and obstacles can seem impossible to overcome. Egos can bruise when there is a chaotic aspect. On Nov 12, Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces. This is a good day to trust your intuition as you sift through other people’s words. However, you should read the fine print very carefully before signing anything.

Finally, on Nov 13, Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn. It encourages you to be strategic in business and finance to achieve your ambitions. Now, let’s see how the signs do this week.

Aries – The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse may wreak havoc on your mental health. You may feel incredibly competitive this week, but the one colleague or competitor that appears to have the upper hand may cause you not to handle it well. So be mindful of your actions. 

Taurus – The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is in your sign, and you may struggle to find common ground with others you work with, family members, or both. These energies are too potent for you to handle as you may find yourself getting in dire situations in addition to arguments with everyone this week. Therefore, you will want to spend enough time alone to recharge. 

Gemini – You will find that this is a heavy week for you as the energies, including the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, will open up some old psychological wounds you had buried for a while. Is it too much for you to handle while working? If possible, you can take a few mental health days here and there this week. 

Cancer – The best thing you can do since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energies will be intense is to tap into your spiritual side. Your emotions may be difficult to handle regarding work and family stress. So make it a habit to meditate before going to work and end your job when you have to face your family again. 

Leo – There is a particular client that you want to attract, or you have an opportunity to get a promotion at work. Either way, the carrot is dangling in front of you, and since you know this will be an emotionally challenging week, you have to work extra hard to be on your best behavior to attract those things. It will be hard at times as others may press you!

Virgo – There may be an essential professional group function that you will want to attend. Still, with the energies being so volatile this week, you will want to evaluate how necessary it is, as you may erupt if you are rubbed the wrong way. You can take a chance that everything will be okay, or if you are having a tough week, look for the next opportunity to go instead. 

Libra – You will also be affected by the chaotic energies from the Full Moon Eclipse this week. However, you may find comfort in the fact that there will be someone you will connect with this week (you may be working with them already but did not have a chance to talk much with them) who will confide in you about certain things, and you will feel comfortable enough to do the same. You will feel like you have a load taken off your back by doing that. 

Scorpio – Since this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affects you significantly, be prepared to discover many secrets, or you may find that a colleague or family member has been dishonest about something. It may not be that they are keeping anything from you per se but wanted to hide something about themselves that they did not want anyone to know about. It will bother you either way when you learn the truth, but what will you do with that information?

Sagittarius – Your financial situation will be affected by this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as it won’t be that you need to focus on budgeting. Still, there is a high chance that a fraudster may access your credit card and banking information. So be on the lookout, and do not use your debit or credit card on unknown sites or places. The risk for identity theft is significant this week. 

Capricorn – The tension between colleagues and family members will continue with these heavy transits, including the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse regarding communication. However, you will find that you will have the urge to talk to anyone if you have to, and the rest of the time, you will need to nurture your mind by reading a good book. That is the best thing you can do this week. 

Aquarius – The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will impact your home life more than your work life. You may find that appliances may begin to stop working, which will bring more stress to you and can damage your productivity. In addition, you will find that there will be home repairs that you have been either delaying or they come on suddenly, but you need to focus on them. 

Pisces – The energies from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will also stress you out, and you are sensitive and empathetic, to begin with. Therefore, you will want to make a habit of physically removing stress by being active and getting involved with a sport this week. For example, go swimming at a community center or play a game of squash before going to work. There are options, and get a good workout in otherwise.