On Oct 17, the Sun in Libra trines Mars in Gemini. A strong sense of self-worth and self-assurance helps individuals overcome complex challenges with ease while gaining energy, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Then on Oct 18, Venus in Libra trine Mars in Gemini. As you team up to reach a comment goal, this is an excellent day for negotiation. Make sure to document what you decide.

On Oct 19, the Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Again, petty fights can result from the desire to be the pack’s leader when everyone wants power. On the same day, Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. These challenging connections expose secrets, bringing up betrayal, jealousy, and powerlessness.

Then on Oct 22, Saturn goes direct into Aquarius. It’s time to use all the lessons you’ve learned during Saturn’s retrograde to restructure your life in new ways in the future. Also, the Sun in Libra conjuncts Venus in Libra. It is a great day to make new connections as it is a day for rest as this aspect encourages you to let in new people. And Mercury in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius. The day is ideal for plotting and brainstorming, but don’t follow through.

Finally, on Oct 23, the Sun enters Scorpio. The energy will become intimate, deep, and intense in the next four weeks as the Sun enters the mysterious Scorpio sign. However, you can find healing in its depth when exploring it. And let’s take a look and see how your sign does this week:

Aries – Your ruler, is in harmonious aspects this week, which means this is an excellent week for you to focus on teamwork and work with others to do some problem-solving, as you feel the most cooperative. Therefore, you will accomplish a lot this week. 

Taurus – This week, you will be happy because you will come across someone who understands you well. You may even be comfortable with sharing some vulnerable parts of yourself with them, things you would not share with only everyone. This could be someone you meet through a professional setting who could become a friend. 

Gemini – You will have many ah-ha moments this week as you will find that problem-solving is easy, and you will also find that you will remember important things that you had forgotten months ago, which can help you with some current projects you are working on. 

Cancer – This week, you may be overly concerned with your social and economic status. It is not something you typically think about, but you may have been triggered by someone or something to put too much importance on it. Just know that you are uniquely you, and you are great regardless. 

Leo – There is a good chance you will need some new technological equipment this week as your laptop may no longer work, you may need a new tablet, or you may decide to get an extra one for whatever reason. But the energies this week are heavy around technology. 

Virgo – A phase will end for you this week, bringing you some relief. Either a colleague you could not get along with will no longer work with you, or you may find that a troublesome client leaves, but the ending of whatever it is, will bring you much-needed relief. That will help improve your productivity. 

Libra – You may want to do what you can to strengthen yourself as you may be drained as the previous week caused you to be of service to many, and you need to focus on yourself, your health, and your well-being. Take the time to work out and exercise, and also take the time to unwind, especially before going to bed, and get enough sleep. It would be best if you rebuilt your reserves. 

Scorpio – You are putting a lot of thought into your skills and traits and how you can be helpful to others, and perhaps there are some skills you may be honing on. You have thought about this before, but it is coming stronger to you now, and that is because the Sun will be entering your sign soon. You intuitively know soon you will be in the “spotlight,” where many of your skills will be needed, and others will rely on you. 

Sagittarius – You are in creative mode this week, as you will be urged to write up many articles and schedule them to go out to your blog or other publications that you contribute to, as you have many ideas and thoughts that could be helpful to others. This is a good week to put all of that to use. 

Capricorn – Be prepared that family issues and arguments can get in the way of your productivity this week as there is a lot of nervous energy in your sign. However, as your ruler goes direct at the end of the week, you will feel as if the issues will not bring you down nearly as much, and you will have an easier time tuning it out so you can focus on the most important. 

Aquarius – This week is about you finding the joy in more minor things, as it is an important week for you to look at the blessings around you, or you will end up stressing out over things that are not worth stressing over. For example, are you having a stressed day but at least the weather is nice? Note that. Did you have a delicious cup of coffee this morning? Note that. You get the idea. 

Pisces – If you are not working with tarot, this is a good week to start self-reflection. Therefore, grab a deck that appeals to you, learn the cards, and begin pulling a card each day for self-reflection so you can understand your needs and wants, which is good for your mental health.