There are not many aspects to note this week, but the ones happening are potent. Let’s start with the fact that on Sep 16th, Venus in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini. You may be anxious today, feeling under the microscope of judgment and criticism, so that it may be a difficult day at work. On the same day, the Sun in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces. Your vitality and energy are sapped during an exhausting day. Relaxing hobbies should take precedence over essential tasks.

On Sep 18th, Mercury in Libra in opposition to Jupiter in Aries. Make no promises today, as they will be difficult to keep during this challenging time. On the same day, the Sun in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Being individualistic helps you achieve anything you desire with confidence and inner power. Now, let’s see how the signs do this week.

Aries – You may be worrying excessively over the debts you owe, and that could be taking over your thoughts. Perhaps you have some unpaid business expenses, or you have some extra personal debt. If you are worrying, this is the week to take action to come up with a solution to pay the debt off one by one. 

Taurus – You have been struggling lately with not feeling appreciated, and one of the best things you can do this week is to go on some spiritual retreat, whether online or take a few spa days, to appreciate yourself and what you can offer. The lesson here is that as long as you do your best and your business or line of work is not in danger, do not worry about others. They don’t pay your bills. 

Gemini – You may struggle with organizing this week more than you typically would. You may find that you get flustered quickly. The best thing you can do is not to bite off more than you can chew because you will feel like you cannot cope. Don’t do more work than you need to this week, and ensure that you take the rest of the time to rest aside from dealing with personal responsibilities. 

Cancer – Be prepared that technology for you this week will not be reliable, as Mercury in retrograde is to blame for a lot of it. However, you will feel the technological failure the most. For example, instead of emailing or texting a meeting appointment, the best thing for you to do is to make calls. Since you are naturally emotional, you will be extra frustrated by this issue. 

Leo – Don’t be surprised if a client leaves, whether you have your own business or if it leaves your company. You will feel the impacts, but you will see it will be for the best as time passes. There will also be a replacement that will be a lot better, but it may not happen before Mercury goes direct again in several weeks. 

Virgo – Even though your ruler is in retrograde, you may find that there could be a new beginning of some sort for you this week. However, it will not fully manifest until Mercury is direct. You will see hints of some new clients coming your way or new responsibilities at work. However, since your energies will be sapped a lot since a lot of tension is happening in your sign, be careful to conserve your energy. 

Libra – Are you a nail-biter or a mindless eater? This is the week you will examine your habits as Mercury retrograde in your sign impacts you this way. You may want to improve your practices to feel more productive and more in control of yourself. 

Scorpio – You will want to keep your mind clean as it is essential this week to be mindful of what you think; meditation is important, but doing activities to stimulate the mind or to soothe the mind is necessary for you this week. The energies will irritate you, so this is the best way to get through it so you can stay as stable and productive as possible. 

Sagittarius – All aspects of self-care are important this week for you, and that does not mean taking a bath and enjoying a glass of vino each night (though if that is how you unwind, that is fine). Still, you will want to spend time in nature or reading a book as you grow, work out, and say “no,” when you do not want to do something for someone who asks you a favor (unless it is your boss!). 

Capricorn – Here is a beautiful week to express yourself and your thoughts, as you will want to focus a lot of your time on blogging. You know how to keep your written work professional, but it is a great week to be expressive and to talk about how some of your experiences shaped who you are today. People are reading and watching. 

Aquarius – You may be struggling with organizing this week, as you may find you are too busy that you have clutter on your desk that begins to distract you. The best thing you can do is tidy up each morning or right when you finish work so you don’t have to face it while attempting to concentrate during the day. In addition, it is essential to write down your appointments and important things. Mercury is in retrograde, and this is an area where you will struggle. 

Pisces – Could you have a contract to sign? The energies are vital, and you will have a good chance. However, because Mercury is retrograde, you may be hesitant. However, even though it is not a good idea to sign contracts during the retrograde, you can do it as long as you read it over and thoroughly.