On September 19, Venus in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus. Expect the unexpected in matters of the heart and finances. Also, these surprises may be pleasant, such as a promotion, a new client, or a bonus, so be open to synchronicity.

Then on September 22, the Sun enters Libra/Fall Equinox. As the hours of light and darkness are equal on this day, the fall equinox is a day of balance and harmony. Libra season brings peace, compromise, and unity as you try to defuse situations over the next four weeks. On the same day, the Sun in Libra conjuncts Mercury in Libra. Be sure to read over any important contract before signing it. Significant decisions must be carefully considered during this phase.

On September 23, Mercury retrograde enters Virgo. In the sign it rules, Virgo, Mercury is comforting and comforting, but it can also cause you a lot of anxiety because of your disorder and focus on flaws and perfection.

Then on September 24, Venus in Virgo opposed Neptune in Pisces. This aspect leaves you wearing rose-colored glasses, allowing you to see only what you want. Be careful with your business and personal dealings today, as they may not turn out well even if they appear to be that way. Let’s see how your sign does this week.

Aries – This is a week where you will have to work in groups, or you will want to join a joint venture. You are typically very independent, but this is the week you will have to let that part of yourself go and work with others. Your opposite sign is heading into the spotlight this week, significantly impacting your role. 

Taurus – Be on the lookout for more money this week through another source which is always good news for you. You may get some money from the government or, ultimately, another start. But if you have been wanting to spend on some new clothing or wanting to go to a fancy restaurant, you have the opportunity to do so.

Gemini – Your ruler, has been in retrograde for some time now and will have created enough havoc for you this week. As a result, you will be urged to look through your lens from another perspective. For example, if you once thought that working beside a colleague was terrible, you may find that the individual is not so bad to work with.

Cancer – You will be in control of many duties this week at work and home. You may feel overwhelmed, but it is essential to find some balance within so you can handle your responsibilities well. Don’t forget to delegate the duties that you do not need. Do some meditation and journaling. 

Leo – You will be thinking a lot about what you want to manifest during the fall, as the leaves will soon begin to change colors. This time of year can excite you because you find that many things happen in your favor. The New Moon is the perfect opportunity to do some manifesting, and you will want to be clear on your intentions. 

Virgo – Be careful not to jump to conclusions this week and to think too irrationally. There may be many triggering situations that can easily stress you at work and even in your personal life. One of the best things you can do this week is to journal to vent your thoughts. Also, pay attention to your dreams this week, as there are messages you will need to know from your subconscious to be aware of what is coming your way. 

Libra – The focus is on you because you have the Sun moving into your sign and the moon. The best thing you can do is to focus on your well-being and not be ashamed to focus on your needs, as you tend to focus on the needs of others. So do something a bit selfish this week!

Scorpio – You will have a lot of anxiety this week over money, but you have to ask yourself what that serves you. One of the things you can do to help relieve some of that anxiety is to start a budget or get back into budgeting if you have not been keeping up with it. The New Moon may be towards the end of the week, but you can start sooner. 

Sagittarius – Communication is vital for you this week. You are known to be blunt, but there are still many emotions you do not want to discuss, and you will also be the type that will hide them with positivity. Being optimistic is good, but it is not so at your expense. Buy a journal and start pouring your heart out in it. 

Capricorn – You may find that you will have to work overtime often this week. Or, if you don’t, you will have to follow plenty of work-related demands. Just be sure not to neglect your family and home, as the risk is there. Finally, and most importantly, do not burn yourself out, as this will be a heavy-duty week. 

Aquarius – You have been working hard and focusing on your health, so the focus for this week is getting into a hobby. Or, if you have a hobby, you will want to spend more time with it as it will help balance you out and help you with your productivity too. So perhaps something you can intend to do during the New Moon is to take time to focus on your hobbies or anything that brings you peace. 

Pisces – Your health is your main focus for this week. You may find that diet changes might be necessary if you find that your productivity is being affected. Therefore, one of the intentions you can set during the New Moon is to ensure that you eat much cleaner and drink more water, as it will help you plenty!