On September 26, the Sun in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries. During this favorable aspect, everything seems to fall into place. The easiest way to get lucky is not to be greedy or demanding. On September 27, Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn. Spend the day reading and researching serious topics until you find the answer to your problems, even if it’s not the answer you expected.

On the same day, Mars in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius. With clever thinking and hard work, goals are accomplished. On September 29, Venus enters Libra. The planet Venus enters its sign and is associated with your relationships and finding harmony within them. However, your charm and fantastic attitude can help you get what you want, even though you are less assertive.

Then on October 1, Venus in Libra opposed Jupiter in Aries. You may lose essential relationships very suddenly as this aspect cuts you off from toxic people regardless of whether you realize they’re toxic or not. And keeping minimum contact with toxic colleagues is a must too. On October 2, Mercury goes direct into Virgo. The green light has finally been given to your long-awaited projects in Virgo, and you can eventually move forward. Choosing your projects and your friends carefully is essential first.

Aries – You may be in a position this week to mentor a colleague or someone who may be new in the industry. However, at the same time, you want to ensure that those who you are helping do not take advantage of your time, as there is a risk of that. Given your sign, you will not allow that to happen, but your enthusiasm over this could cloud that, so be careful.  

Taurus – You will find some old psychological wounds that may get in the way of your productivity as something could arise that could remind you of those. Therefore, since your ruler is going into Libra, this is a good time to open yourself up. You don’t like to be vulnerable, so one of the best things you can do is go to a therapist to help you find some strategies that could work for you. 

Gemini – Your ruler goes direct at the tail end of the week. However, before that, you will have philosophical conversations with many people this week. You will talk to colleagues, friends, and those associated with you. You will learn some new perspectives this way which will fascinate you. It is a good distraction from some challenges due to the retrograde. 

Cancer – You may find that you have to work a bit hard this week to keep your reputation clean. Something from the past could come up that some may question, though it is not too serious. However, you are naturally a worrier, and emotions can be heavy for you. All you can do is make an excellent impression this week; others will not think about the past. 

Leo – This is a good week for you to network and perhaps even join some local groups. But the odds are in your favor that you can make a fruitful connection where they can help you, but you can also help them, making them more willing to want to help in the future. 

Virgo – There may be a disgruntled competitor who may look into stealing your tactics, which won’t necessarily be hidden. This individual may act like a potential client or customer interested in what you are doing. Be careful, and if you are working at a company, you will have a colleague that may appear overly friendly, but they want something from you. Stay on guard. 

Libra – You will be incredibly sociable this week, and that is your natural way, but more so than ever. Especially once Venus moves into your sign, its home. Enjoy having Happy Hour this week with colleagues, or go for dinner with friends. You need that time with others. 

Scorpio – This is a good week to hone your skills. Regardless, you will want to sharpen them and update them for your line of work. Therefore, take advantage of it this week as you will absorb everything from it. You will feel better once you do too!

Sagittarius – Have you been journaling? If not, then this is an excellent week to begin. You have so much to say, but you want to keep some of the things you want to say privately. That is why a journal is something to take advantage of this week. Or, you may write articles on platforms such as Medium and talk about some lessons you have learned and how others can avoid them. 

Capricorn – You are a goal-oriented individual, and this is the week where family support will be important (whether that means blood family or friends who you consider as family). You will get the support you need to help you accomplish a particular goal this week. Don’t forget to express gratitude to them. 

Aquarius – You would benefit greatly from a sport that creates relaxation this week. Have you thought about going swimming or doing yoga after work, or if you happen to be up very early, before work? Check with your local community center and see if it offers those programs at desirable times. 

Pisces – It is important to get good-quality sleep, but this week is extra important because you will need it for your energy. You will have some busy projects to do, and you will not be able to handle them if you don’t get a good shut-eye. Limit your caffeine intake to the morning, and stay active during the day to get yourself in a position to sleep well.