On the 16th, Venus enters its own sign, Libra, which positively influences any relationship, whether it is professional or personal. During this transit, relationships become peaceful and harmonious, making it easier to apologize if someone offended you earlier or vice versa. 

Afterward, Mercury conjuncts Mars in Virgo on the 19th, which means you will communicate directly and clearly and finally take action on anything you may have been putting off for a while. This will mean a break from sudden changes as Uranus enters retrograde on the same day of the eclipse. It will remain in retrograde for five months. You can use this time to review the changes that have occurred in your life. 

Additionally, the Sun in Leo will oppose Jupiter on the same day, which can cause your egos to run wild as well, so be careful not to boast. On August 20, Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus, so it is an ideal time for problem-solving. This is a good day to deal with something that you have been trying to resolve for some time, whether work-related or personal. 

With the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 22nd, the week closes with the opportunity to express your creativity, originality, and why you will rebel against some expectations. You need to be careful with how you do that. A trine between Mars in Virgo and Uranus on the same day will also help you work hard and strategically. 

A Virgo season starts the week after we publish this week’s horoscope, informing next week’s horoscope. So now let’s see how your sign is doing this week. 

Aries – You will need to use your negotiation skills this week as you will need to settle a dispute. Suppose you need to make a large purchase for an item or a service, and you would like to see if the seller will lower the price. The tables could turn, and you could be negotiating with a client or a customer. Do it smartly, but be open to it. 

Taurus – You will either get a boost of confidence, or someone will commend your hard work. It will, however, help you realize how much you contribute. If you are feeling doubtful lately, then this week should help change that. We appreciate the work you do because you contribute a lot. 

Gemini – You’ve wanted to make a change for a while. This week, you’ll feel the urge to change your appearance. You might change the way you dress or your hairstyle, or you may get a new wardrobe for work and leisure. However, that may give you the energy you need. 

Cancer – This week, you’ll want to meet up with some colleagues or friends. Perhaps you should also find your sense of humor if you have been struggling with that lately. It will improve your mindset as well as your productivity. Watch a comedy with your friends or listen to funny podcasts. It may help to know that. 

Leo – You are pretty popular and influential in your field, and if you are not yet, you have the potential to become so. So now is a good time to make sure your social media platforms are putting out meaningful content to increase this chance. After achieving that goal this week, you will want to think of new ways to impress your followers even further since you might get an unsustainably tempting offer later. 

Virgo – This is a good week to start working out before work if you haven’t already. You will get a boost of energy after doing that, which will boost your productivity and quality of work. In addition, it is a good week to make a change to your workout routine to help re-energize you if you work out regularly. 

Libra – During this week, you will be challenged to stand up to your boundaries and say so to a client, a colleague, or a friend. You will inevitably face conflict. Being proactive about your needs is crucial!

Scorpio – There are many opportunities to increase your qualifications during this week if you haven’t already done so if that is something you are interested in. Additionally, some unexplained problems you’ve encountered earlier are likely to be resolved this week, reducing the amount of stress you experience. 

Sagittarius – You may receive a promising offer from someone in your network this week. It is, however, better to review the material before signing it. Having a cocktail party this week can be a great way to unwind and enjoy yourself. I think it would be great to have a party near the Full Moon. 

Capricorn – You will have to make some compromises this week. Maybe it’s someone in your professional life, or maybe it’s your partner. It is a compromise, however, that you would not have been open to in the past. So it may be necessary to do so this week. Then you will know it must be done when it comes up. 

Aquarius – You have been working hard lately, so you should focus on any new hobbies you are taking up. This week is crucial for socializing, and you may not be managing work and personal life as well as you should. During the Full Moon, that issue will be even more prominent. 

Pisces – This week, you will need to agree to disagree on some things. You may find yourself in an argument with someone from your professional and personal life, and no matter how much you want to prove that your side is right – the best thing to do is agree to disagree. Otherwise, you may suffer mental anguish because this individual may not understand your point of view. 

Leo season ends this week, and Virgo season begins next week!