The year is nearly halfway over, and August is here. Uranus just went direct so that you can expect some changes in your life and some changes around you as well. Over the next few months, it won’t be instantaneous. Due to the transits, you may also experience some unexpected changes to your behavior this week.  

On Tuesday, the Sun in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius. You may experience low energy levels and fatigue as a result. On the 3rd, Venus in Virgo makes a trinity with Uranus in Taurus. That can help you develop your creative side, as the problematic Sun opposition Saturn transit can allow for some brainstorming. If you’ve never played a card game before or visited a casino before, this transit is an excellent opportunity to do something unusual with a peer or coworker. Don’t let your imagination run wild. 

As Mercury squares Uranus on the 4th, the chances are high; you will say and act impulsively on that day. So, be wise if you decide to gamble in a casino! Choosing your words wisely is vital. When you don’t consider your words before speaking, you may upset your colleagues or clients. 

On the 6th, the Sun makes a square to Uranus, which can also affect your behavior. There is a chance your eccentric side will come out, which may surprise your colleagues, but you will see the same in them as well. Lastly, the week finishes with the New Moon in Leo on the 8th. It is an excellent time to focus on something creative. Utilizing your creative side will help you achieve what you seek. We’ll see how the rest of the signs do this week.

Aries – Some new opportunities may be presented to you. With these energies, assessing it ahead of time will be essential. It’s tempting to jump into things without much thought, but before you do, make sure you do. In such a case, you may waste time and money, resulting in regret. 

Taurus – It is possible to feel down and depressed and to feel the urge to go shopping. You may even wonder if you are of any value to others. However, the best thing to do is to think about the times you were appreciated at work and home, and you may receive a message of appreciation this week as well. You will be reminded that your work is needed and appreciated if you focus on that. You can gain some insight from that. 

Gemini – It is ideal to go on a short local trip during this week as working is not suitable for you right now. As a result, taking some time off may also help relieve you of the burden of conversations with colleagues. Rest a few days at the cottage or somewhere nearby before getting back to work during the New Moon. 

Cancer – It may be a good idea for you to spend a few days at the cottage or somewhere nearby to recharge your batteries. You are experiencing heavy energy this week, and you can’t handle a work environment or a strict home environment. However, there will be many ways to stay calm during the time of the New Moon. 

Leo – Your optimism will spur you on to start a new project or a side business. You will use the energies that are difficult for many in a much better way because you will have the extra motivation to research and plan for your new business or side hustle. 

Virgo –  Some things will begin to make sense to you this week, and that will bring you relief. You will know where you stand in your social circles, and you will no longer feel confused. As a result, you will become more productive with your work, and you will be pleased to see that you produce better results – or results from that make you happy. 

Libra – There will be a reality check this week that you haven’t seen clearly in the past. Thus, you might find that the project you are working on or the side hustle you have isn’t exactly inspiring. Life is too short to be tied down to something that does not make you happy. Once that is done, you will need to evaluate what could be done to replace those items. The New Moon will bring you some clarity. 

Scorpio – Recently, you have had to exercise some self-discipline. This week, you will see that many options are available to you. Someone in your network may present it to you, or it may come through another method. But you will like what you see, and that will motivate you to keep striving for excellence. Don’t worry about narrowing anything down just yet. However, you want to present your best self to others. 

Sagittarius – You will have plenty of energy this week, and it is a great time to attend some networking meetings to get ideas for your next career steps. It seems like you’ve had the urge to make a change, and the best way to take advantage of all the help you can get is to be social this week. 

Capricorn – Last week, you had a good week with the open mind you developed, and that will continue this week. You will find that your attitude towards life shifts in a more optimistic way, and you will be more enthusiastic about performing your daily duties. There will be some creative ways to boost your productivity, and the energies of the New Moon will also support you. 

Aquarius – Prepare yourself to face some type of challenge this week, as you will have to overcome it. It may be work-related, or it may be personal. You may, however, gain some positive recognition as a result of taking on this challenge. 

Pisces – With a clear mind, you will be able to assess your career and life situation accurately. It may be that you are getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose for you and evaluating everything that does. Now is the perfect time to complete any unfinished projects to gain even more clarity about the direction you want to take. 

It is the first week of August, and after the New Moon, there will be some intense transits to prepare for – but you can do it!