The busy week begins with the New Moon in Sagittarius, as you may be inclined to start expanding your horizons. The New Year is around the corner, and you see that the pandemic will end at some point during the new year. You can start making some larger plans. It is also a solar eclipse, which also marks significant changes around the corner. 

Chiron goes direct in Aries on the 15th, the wounded healer as it has been in retrograde since July. That was when you were on a quest to really understand your identity. You will find that you become clearer about who you are, which will help all aspects of your life. 

On the same day, Venus enters Sagittarius. You will have an urge to do adventurous things with others. Travel may be limited for the time being, but you can still explore in other ways. 

On the 17th, Saturn moves once again into Aquarius. That will give you a sharper focus and clarity on your goals.  Saturn in Aquarius will also help you find suitable groups for your personal and professional needs. And two days later,  Jupiter enters Aquarius, which is helpful for your future orientation. That can give you the opportunity for expansion in your life regarding your friends. 

On the 20th, Mercury moves into Capricorn, which will help your mind be organized and productive. You might be doing some organizing in your home over the holidays. Next week is the big week, which starts with the Great Conjunction, which will be discussed then. Let’s see in the meantime how you are doing based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries – You will prioritize your work, relationships, and needs and be based on the transits this week. You see that your dreams for the future and your connections are essential for the current evaluation, which you will do this week. 

Taurus –  The signs of you having to take on new responsibilities at home, work, and other areas of your life are there. That means the more important responsibilities you take, the lesser important ones you will see yourself having to decline. Otherwise, you will become overloaded. 

Gemini – It is a good time to go for counseling for any issues that have come up over the past year (which has been the case for everyone). You can take the tips you provided and put them to good use once the holiday season is over within the new year. 

Cancer – This week, the focus is on your health. You not only want to minimize your chances of contracting COVID-19 but you want to stay in good general health. The realization of you slacking off with your diet and activity is there, which has hurt your productivity. You will want to consult with a nutritionist or download some apps that can help track your health. 

Leo – Your boundaries are becoming firmer, and you are becoming pickier about who you want to associate with, and that is a thing. Start making the connections you have already within your network and begin to form stronger bonds with them. The time to expand your network is not right now, but that will come at the right time. 

Virgo – It is essential to focus on your health, happiness, and family since you have been struggling lately. Your professional life is significant, but it is not a priority for you right now. Once you can focus on those primary things, you will focus on your professional life. 

Libra – Practicing the Law Of Attraction is ideal to do right now. You have been having feelings of lack lately, and you want to get out of that mindset. What do you want to manifest? What do you want to happen for you personally in the new year? Set intentions and find a way to take the appropriate action. And even though socializing is limited, don’t close yourself off from others. That will keep you feeling worse.  

Scorpio – You will connect more with your history, ancestry, and childhood, which will take your mind off of the current life stressors. Go and learn about your roots and lineage as you will be fascinated, and it will be a welcomed distraction for you.

Sagittarius – Your finances are the area of focus this week. You will not necessarily take on another income stream if there is no room. But looking at investment options is something to explore this week. 

Capricorn – Long-term planning is the thing to do this week. This may sound morbid but think about updating your will. That is just simply part of life. Focus on your finances as well, and contact your financial advisor for investment ideas. Don’t forget about your possessions. Where do you want to see them in the long-term? Perhaps it is time to do some donating and junking. 

Aquarius – You have spent so much time contemplating and making inner shifts. You know that new connections await you as well as new interests. Go and focus on your health this week. What type of dietary changes will you make? Since you will not be indulging at Christmas parties, you can use this opportunity to focus on your health and physical well-being. 

Pisces – You have been moving up lately and gaining confidence. You are thinking about the new year and the goals you want to accomplish then. That is what you need to do. You are slowly aiming yourself towards the life path you have wanted to turn into reality. 

You are half-way done through December, which leaves us with only a few more weeks of 2020! We are getting closer to kissing this unheard-of year good-bye.