The week starts with the Great Conjunction of 2020, which makes it significant. Jupiter and Saturn conjunct with one another, and it happens on December 21 at 0 degrees Aquarius. When you have an expansive planet such as Jupiter coming into conjunction with restrictive Saturn, expect some political and social shakeups.

You may think since 2020 is not quite over, this must be horrible. However, the Great Conjunction is a positive thing, and we all need that. This conjunction will have an effect on life in general for a while. That can be a positive thing for the COVID vaccine and medical advances in addition to positive political changes. 

However, be careful on the 23rd as Pluto in Capricorn squares Mars in Aries. That can cause accidents to happen as well as explosive arguments. Then on Christmas Day, Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus means that you will have an easy time making innovations. You will need to do that to have an enjoyable holiday, given the restrictions in place. Let’s see how you do this week based on your sign.

Aries – You are feeling creative. What can you build and create, and as you are feasting on your turkey, you will brainstorm in your mind what you can create for the new year. 

Taurus – You are not the risk-taking type normally; however, you know that you need to make some changes in the new year. It can be work-related or a significant change with your home, whether it is a move or some renovations, but you feel it. It seems uncomfortable at first, but that is why you will want to take the week to prepare for it mentally. 

Gemini – You will want to learn a skill to another level or expand on your spiritual beliefs. Your curiosity is strong right now, and you will want to put it to good use regardless of how you use it. 

Cancer – You will realize that you rely on others too much, and you know it is time to change that. Find your inner warrior and don’t depend on others to give you what you want and need, as you can do that yourself quite well. And remember to say ‘no’ when you are asked for a favor you can’t or don’t want to do. 

Leo – The realization you are making this week is that you struggle to make compromises. When others were losing patience with you, you were due to your lack of flexibility to accommodate their needs. The lesson for you is to find a way to become flexible so you work better with others while you keep your boundaries firm. 

Virgo – You will discover this week that your work schedule will start filling up with more responsibilities next year. This can also show up being offered new job opportunities or projects to make more money. As tempting as it sounds, you need to choose the ones you really want to focus on, Don’t allow yourself to become inundated since you need to breathe. 

Libra – Your creativity is strengthening, and that is a great thing as you are creative already. But, you will need to be reminded that you have to put in the effort to make your creativity sell. Find better ways of utilizing self-discipline so you can focus on creating masterpieces in the new year.

Scorpio – The Great Conjunction will allow you to heal anything that has been getting into the way of your success that you could have today. Even if you are doing well with making money, you still may feel like you aren’t overly successful. It is important to examine your life during your childhood, which will be hard. However,  it is important to do that. You have to pay attention to them so you can work to heal those scars so you can be even better in the future. 

Sagittarius – You are great when it comes to sharing opinions and ideas. However, you are getting the urge to start listening and to talk less. If you do that, it can help you pick up any important information that you may have missed before. You will begin to realize this week how much there really is room for improvement on that front. 

Capricorn – You’ll feel as if there has been a weight off of your shoulders since Jupiter and Saturn are out of your sign. You will feel calm and relieved, as you should take your much-needed time to enjoy your holiday and festivities. But don’t get too comfortable. Remember, you are a Capricorn after all, so you know that you will have to maintain good discipline to remain successful after the new year arrives. 

Aquarius – You have been going through some shifts and through periods of significant self-reflection is because of how Saturn and Jupiter just entered your sign. There will be a heaviness all week that can distract you from your festivities. There will be challenges to face, but you are also more confident than before, which means you will know how to face them and deal with them. 

Pisces – Expect this time to expand further into the new year. You will want to focus on this week to clean up your subconscious and spiritual closets to see what past baggage and dust have been weighing them down. You will be able to listen to your Higher Self more clearly, which is critical for your personal and professional life for next year. 

Can you believe that 2020 is about to come to a close? Wonderful! That is good news because as we go further into 2021, there will be more reasons for optimism, which will be seen.