There isn’t much happening energetically wise this week other than the New Moon coming soon. However, on the 9th, be careful not to delude yourself. You may think that the troubles you see really aren’t a big deal because Sun in Sagittarius is making a square to Neptune in Pisces. You can get the impression that there aren’t any significant issues to worry about. That really means this is not a good time to make a large purchase, or you will regret it later.

However, the next day on the 10th, Venus in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, is a good day to make that investment. That is a good aspect of socializing as you have the potential for creating stronger bonds. On the 11th, your productivity will be stronger. You will be motivated to accomplish a lot of work as Sun will sextile Mars in Aries. 

However, be careful on the 13th because Neptune squares Mercury in Sagittarius. There are plenty of lies and scams happening more today, so don’t believe an email from an unknown source. Expect to see a lot of those. How will you do based on your sign?

Aries – This week may be a Mercury in retrograde week even though Mercury is not in retrograde. However, do not start anything new. Revise old work, and finish old projects and old things you put on hold before. Then you can move forward next week. 

Taurus – You will make some progress this week with the help of family, friends, other support systems in place with anything related to your personal life. However, be sure to give them the same support when they need it, even if it interferes with your schedule. Please find the time to give back what they offer you. 

Gemini – If you have anything significant to accomplish this week, make sure you have a well thought-out-plan to do it. There are challenging Mercury aspects this week so you will risk missing important steps if you do. Don’t forget to dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s this week. 

Cancer –  Don’t be surprised if there are some changes happening in your workplace or organization. You may not be happy with them which means to create a blueprint for the chance you need to leave next year. You may also find that you may need to move next year as well due to the nature of your neighborhood changing. Therefore, your comfort zone will be challenged and you are seeing the signs of that this week.  

Leo – You will feel accomplished this week as you will get plenty of work done, and you will even find the time and energy to make additional changes to your websites or profiles. You may want to look for new jobs next year, or additional work, or have other plans to attract the attention from others that you need and want for the right reasons.  

Virgo – Unfortunately, you are still going to have some challenging moments this week. You will feel you are working harder without getting any rewards or anything back in general. It is a good idea to take the week off to focus on meeting your own needs so you can tackle things head-on much easier later on. 

Libra – This week is a crucial week to focus on your state of mind, and psychological aspects as that can easily get into the way of your success. You have to realize that the issues will not  be resolved in one week as it will be an ongoing thing for a while. However,  it is important to start getting to the root of the issues so you can learn to work around them which will make you feel better. 

Scorpio – Money flow is going to be going well this week, and you will know where to invest your funds even with challenges. The aspects don’t support you having a clear mind, but you never second guess your intuition. That is why you know where your money should go. 

Sagittarius – You have been working hard but you are not feeling the results are coming quick enough as you are feeling similar to Virgo. Whether it is the fact you worked hard to achieve something and it isn’t coming or if you changed your diet for the better, but weight loss isn’t happening – you are going to feel frustrated. Just know things take time to manifest. 

Capricorn – This week the challenge is to let go of your past, as you will see that issue is creating some roadblocks to other areas of your life. An example of that is consistent money flow. It won’t be a thing that will take a week for you to do, but it is important to address it similarly to how Libra has to address their similar challenges 

Aquarius – The focus of this week is holistic healing and the focus is that for the rest of the month. You will find that you thrive much better in alternative ways to heal. It will show through your personal and professional life. Therefore, new lifestyle adjustments are the focus right now and will be for a while longer. 

Pisces – You will see that your line of work, career, and business continues to be the main focus for you for not just this week but this month. The evaluation of new ways of marketing and looking for better suppliers of materials if that is relevant to you is important right now. 

Okay, so, there is less than a month left in 2020. How about that?