The Aries New Moon starts the week where this is the best time of the year to begin something fresh. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac which means starting anything new is the way to go. Since it is a fire sign, you will begin to something fresh with a lot of passion. It may be that you have been putting off a new project you have been wanting to start for the longest time and finding this is the best time to do that. Perhaps you can begin rocking a new hairstyle or something! 

Then on April 14th, Venus moves into its home, Taurus, where it is the most sensual. You will have a longing to buy luxurious things, and you will yearn for pleasure and solace. Therefore, if you want to get a fancy office chair, for example, then this is the perfect time for that. 

As the week comes to an end, Mercury moves into Taurus, where you will need to take some extra time to make crucial decisions, and once you know what you want to do, you will not change your mind either. Let’s see how you do this week.

Aries – Managing your money will be the highlight of the week, which means the priority will be to diversify your investment portfolio, creating new budgets, and scaling back on expenses that you no longer require. In the long run, you will be glad to have had this opportunity to take care of your budgeting.

Taurus – The theme of this week is old stuff returning. You will have so many things happening this week that will bring up many reminders, and some will be pleasant, and some will not be pleasant at all. However, don’t be surprised if you urge to call an old friend or write to someone from the past. 

Gemini – The Universe will urge you to reflect on your journey and find what is working and what is not working. Later in the week, Your subconscious side will heighten your intuition, and you will have a greater sense of what things in life are working for you and what you no longer should do. The area of your life that is stressing you the most will be affected by this. 

Cancer – The odds are in your favor that you will attain some helpful gains, but the thing is, you have to be the one to go after it. It will not come to you otherwise. Can you score that new promotion? Can you achieve a new love? Now is the time to level up with courage. 

Leo – This is a great week to challenge some self-limiting beliefs and free yourself of them. That means you either try a new exercise regimen or if you work from home, go sign up with a new freelancing platform. If you created a course, go and launch it and don’t be afraid of failure, and just put yourself out there to attract new opportunities because the odds of them coming to you are amazing. 

Virgo – After doing some searching throughout your psyche, you may find that you would feel better by expanding your skills and knowledge. Therefore, you will find that you would benefit from signing up for a virtual class that can help you become skilled in an area of your life that will help you a lot later this week. It does not matter if it is a class that can help your career or business or finds that learning a new hobby may help you. Either way, learning something new is the way to go. 

Libra – Even though this is the time to take action on things you want to do, you will want to hold off for yourself, Libra. This New Moon will cause you to no see things too clearly. Instead, focus on planting seeds for something you want to manifest over the short and long term. 

Scorpio – The New Moon is encouraging you to make some tweaks and adjustments to your schedule. Maybe you will want to swap your nightly television ritual with taking a nightly jog, for instance. That is what is relevant to the start of the week. However, towards the end of the week, you may find opportunities to connect with someone regarding business, or you will find a link to a new potential job. That is when things will become more enjoyable for you. 

Sagittarius – This is an excellent week to level up even further with your creativity which means this is a good time to invest in a new camera, selfie stick, webcam, or so on so you can make stellar pictures and selfies for business and pleasurable purposes. 

Capricorn – The urge to make physical changes to your home office or office elsewhere is high this week. You may want to begin repainting the walls, getting new curtains to cover the windows, and even investing in a new desk. The New Moon is affecting you, so you will feel fresh after a physical change takes place. 

Aquarius – Not only will you finally have the courage to discuss what is on your mind, but you will have the confidence to do so. You will see that you can have the challenging conversation you have wanted to have with a particular colleague, family member, or friend for the longest time. The energies are in your favor to help you achieve that to end up with the best outcome. You will also feel better after sharing what you need to share. 

Pisces – The budgeting that you did last week will pay off. Now is an excellent time to indulge in a takeout meal, a new pair of shoes, or a new pair of sunglasses, and you may end up getting a small windfall of cash by the end of the week. Perhaps a client will order something extra, or you may get an unexpected bonus. Either way, you will gain a little financial reward this week. 

Aries season will be coming to an end as the following week begins, so this is the last week where Aries will be in the spotlight! The focus next week will be on Taurus!