The Full Moon in Scorpio starts off the week where it can pinpoint your passionate side to life. You will discover during this Full Moon what intrigues you. You will also find out what you feel passionate about, which will make you question your goals and choices. The Full Moon will reveal to you how to handle yourself when it comes to being in a business, career, or any life situation where you lost your mojo. 

Then on the 27th,  Pluto is going into retrograde in Capricorn. It will remain that way until October 6th. That means you have the opportunity over the next four months to make some inner transformations before you are forced to that when it goes direct in October. What habits can you change? You can learn what attitudes you need to change for the better. You will also find out which patterns are affecting your professional and personal life.  If you can address that Pluto is in retrograde during the time, you will be in a better position in October when it goes direct. That is because it will have less of an impact on you. As you know, Pluto is not shy. 

On April 30th, two other transits are happening involving Mercury and Neptune. Mercury in Taurus makes a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, which will help promote your creative side and intuition. Add to that, the Sun conjuncts Uranus on that day, enabling you to show your individuality and originality. That is an excellent day to make your creativity known, and let’s see how your sign does for the rest of this week. 

Aries – You will find the ability to pay off a debt or find closure from something in the past that has been upsetting you thanks to the  Full Moon. The one thought you would have the type of legacy you will want to leave as Pluto goes into retrograde. And with the creative energies towards the end of the week, you will have some ideas to help you get it. 

Taurus – You will experience some intense emotions triggered by the Full Moon, which will lead to you having a philosophical discovery. You don’t like change, but something within you will give you the desire to change something significant which will involve your personal or professional life. You won’t necessarily know what that will be right away. Nevertheless, over time, you will begin to figure it out. Things will set into motion. 

Gemini – There will be the motivation to kick a bad habit plaguing you for some time thanks to the heavy Scorpionic energies. Expect that the issues around debt and taxes will intensify, encouraging you to make some positive changes with your patterns. 

Cancer – Your creative energy is on a high this week based on the transits happening, and you will want to take advantage of that. Maybe you will have the urge to redecorate your home or do a makeover for your website. Either way, make the best use of that this week however you decide to use it. 

Leo – The focus of this week involves your home and family. If you have kids, you may realize that there are areas in your parenting that need improvement so you can become a better role model for them. If you don’t have kids or are not married, you will shift your energies and make personal adjustments to be a better role model for those around you. 

Virgo – You will have the information you need that surrounds a conversation you have had for a few weeks, thanks to the Full Moon. You may discover the truth, or you will be able to solve a problem. Either way, with some clarity coming to you this week, you will know how to proceed with it going forward. 

Libra – Issues around security and boundaries will emerge this week. Maybe you will find that this week’s lesson that you had fallen prey to a scam without even thinking twice about before. The issue may be too late. However, this week’s task is to tighten boundaries, which may mean to shop for another firewall or antivirus software if the one you use isn’t overly effective. You will also know what to look for in future scams, so you stay protected from them.  

Scorpio – Your sign will be heavily affected by the energies this week as you will discover more about yourself. You will learn things that you did not know before or you didn’t overthink in the past. A dormant area of yourself and your life will emerge, and you expect to experience some intense emotions that will make you question yourself regarding your career or relationships. Could you not do anything with it? Instead, sit with it, and in time you will figure it out.

Sagittarius – The urge to begin releasing old patterns based on the energies this week will be vital. Nevertheless, if you are in your professional field for the wrong reason, you will know. If you make a lot of money for the sake of an ego boost, that will hit you. The desire to keep up with it will die down. You will have to face what your authentic self wants. Your authentic self wants and what your ego has been after could come into a conflict, making you feel very conflicted. 

Capricorn – Your moods will be intense, and you will need to be alone to figure out your thoughts and emotions. It is a good idea to limit yourself from others, but don’t isolate yourself completely as that is never good for anyone’s mental health. Towards the end of the week, the creative energy can positively affect you, giving you some ideas on how to proceed with anything you are working on currently.

Aquarius – You could have some intense dreams this week with these heavy Plutonian and Scorpionic energies. You have spent months doing a lot of inner work, but these dreams signify that you will do more. And an aloof sign such as Aquarius will struggle with intense emotions, but you will find a way not to allow them to affect your productivity and other aspects of your life.

Pisces – You will have a substantial shift in perspective this week to the point where you cannot go back. That is because some essential information will emerge, which will have a profound effect on you. What you will face will be relevant to your personal or professional life. Like the other signs, you may make some uncomfortable realizations that you are doing things for the wrong reasons.  

You see that many intense energies are happening this week that will involve shifts in perspectives. However you are affected by them, don’t resist it. These energies are keeping you on the path that is destined for you.