Mercury just entered Aries, which helps you make quick decisions that will be helpful for this week. The week begins with Venus sextile Mars in Gemini, and that is a good day for relationships to form, whether for dating or business. Therefore, you will have an excellent opportunity to create joint venture relationships or make some valuable business connections. However, don’t do anything too bold and make any aggressive plans. 

That is because, on the 9th, Mars in Gemini makes a square to Neptune in Pisces. Whatever plans you make that appear to be good to be true will end up hurting you in the end. The temptation is there. Be cautious to stay away from anything that seems to be too good to be true. 

On April 10th, two transits are happening. One is Mercury in Aries making a sextile to Capricorn, which is excellent for clear and logical thinking and planning. If you ended up getting hurt because of the problematic aspect from the day before, you would figure out how to fix the issue quickly. Also, Venus makes a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, which is an excellent opportunity for finding success in a focused area of your life. The week finishes with the Aries New Moon, which will start the following week. Let’s see how your sign does this week based on the transits. 

Aries – This week, you will want to communicate your needs and wants to others, as communication is the focus for you since Mercury entered your sign. Perhaps you have a story to tell someone who needs to hear it; it may be a story about how you overcome a hardship or something motivating to tell someone. Take advantage of your words and use them well and wisely. 

Taurus – This week, you may be overthinking about your appearance, as you may realize that you may pay too much attention to how you appear on the screen during zoom calls. Since vaccination rates are higher, you see that the end of the pandemic is nearing the end. That means it will soon be back to face-to-face, in-person meetings that overwhelm you. Therefore, you may be thinking of changing your hairstyle, looking into a new wardrobe, or treating any skin ailments. However, don’t become too obsessed either. 

Gemini – You will need to assert yourself, however, be mindful of how you do it. Others may see you as too aggressive. You can quickly end up turning away others. That comes from you making the realization that your boundaries in some areas are not firm. But don’t go the other way either. 

Cancer – This week, you will be thinking about your career or something else in your life and what changes about it you want to make. You will not find much clarity over it until the New Moon by the beginning of next week, and once you do, then you will have a better idea. Maybe you are happy with it as it is, but you will see then if there are changes about it. Until then, this week, mull over it and don’t get impatient with yourself for not figuring things out quickly, which is not yet. 

Leo – This week, and next week as well, you will focus a lot on problem-solving regarding your career, or business, or personal life. You will use the skills for problem-solving that you gained from having to go through previous ordeals. Those skills are coming for you to use this week, and prepare yourself to help someone with them. 

Virgo – As your ruler just entered Aries, you will be spending a lot of time in your head this week (and for a better part of the month). You will be opening up the door to your subconscious, and you may even do a careful analysis of your nagging worries. Are these worries worth expending your energy over? Chatting with a therapist is a good idea as you are self-analytical. 

Libra – Later in the week, you will make a connection that can offer you some exceptional opportunities. It may help you with your professional life or even an aspect of your personal life. That is because the ruler of your sign makes a sextile to Jupiter later this week. Be open to what that can offer you. 

Scorpio – This is another week where self-care is essential and makes sure that your needs get attention. You have been dealing with having to face dishonesty from others, and now you have to nurture your mind, spirit, and body after dealing with some level of betrayal. That is not an ideal time to work overtime if you have that option. If not, take plenty of breaks and eat foods to nurture yourself. 

Sagittarius – You are having a strong feeling of spring fever right now. You know what feels good, and you will want to go after something that makes you feel genuinely good. You have been battling some difficulties since the pandemic has stifled your adventurous nature. If you don’t know what you need in your life to provide you with that good feeling, don’t worry. After the New Moon early next week, you will see it. 

Capricorn – You will focus on your domestic life more this week as you will focus less on work and more on home duties. You will want to focus on clearing your closet, planning dinners for your family, and looking into home renovations too. 

Aquarius – You don’t like asking for help since you are naturally independent. You have spent so much time with shadow work and soul searching on your own. However, prepare yourself for encountering a situation where you will need to ask for someone’s help. That is because your time may stretch this week beyond reach for one reason. You may need to delegate potentially, for example. 

Pisces – The topic of money and budgeting is strong this week as you will see where you need to save and find ways to get what you need by saving money. Look for small financial opportunities that can bring you some extra pocket money to help allow you to save for a rainy day. 

Therefore, this is a good week to connect to those who will help you achieve what you need based on this week’s focus for your sign. You will have more clarity next week after the New Moon.