Mercury just went into retrograde in Aquarius, and you will be feeling plenty of frustration. Missed appointments, misunderstandings, missed mail, and power outages, are things you might face. That all can cause you to fail to get your work completed on time. You may have misunderstandings with others too, which will stress you more. 

In addition to that, you will be feeling the effects of Venus entering Aquarius on the 1st. Prepare to experience emotional detachment and independence. You may be more rational, though, with this transit, which can help mitigate some of Mercury in retrograde’s effects. You will want to do your thing alone often.

As the week finishes with Mercury retrograde conjunction to the Sun, you may experience a lack of assertiveness. Don’t forget to stand up for your rights and beliefs. Remember too. It is critical to triple-check documents and details of projects before working on them at this time. You do not want to begin anything new. How will your sign do this week based on the planetary energies?

Aries –  You will want to make a life-changing decision this week that can affect your career and personal life. Remember that Mercury is in retrograde. Therefore, you will want to hold off on taking action on anything you do. Write down what you are thinking and why you want to make the decision. After Mercury goes direct in a few weeks, you can evaluate it then.

Taurus – You will want to hide from your family this week because you will be overwhelmed with responsibilities regarding them. It could be that a parent may need your extra help, or you could have a sick child. Life will be somewhat chaotic. However, don’t forget to invest in self-care this week because you will need it. 

Gemini – Prepare yourself to lose a friendship this week. You will make the discovery that you have been lied to; however, you will rebound because you are Gemini. This experience will encourage you to talk about the importance of open and honest communication. 

Cancer – Others will ask you to do many favors for them this week, however, do not give in unless there is something in it for you. You have plenty of other responsibilities of your own to take care of this week. Don’t allow others to take advantage of you. 

Leo – Your funds are shifting as the markets may not be great now. But, remember that Mercury is in retrograde, so do not make any rash decisions. You will want to gain advice from a financial advisor who you trust. Listen to them about whether or not to make any shifts and changes to your investment portfolio. And that will be done at a better time, but you can look into making the arrangement this week. 

Virgo –  Pay attention to your health and well-being. You will be stressed as the ruler of your sign is in retrograde. The best thing to do is focus on your deep breathing, get some exercise, and make sure you are on a healthy diet. It won’t eliminate stress from work and your personal life, but you will manage it better when you are healthy. 

Libra – Allow the retrograde to enhance your creative juices, and you will feel it quite powerfully. Venus is making a trine to your sun, so you will want to take advantage of the creativity you have. Even though it is not ideal to start any new projects, you will want to note down what comes to you through your imagination. You can use them at a future date. 

Scorpio – The urge to be critical of those who did not live up to your expectations is there, but you will want to fight it. Another thing to do is look within and find what you see in yourself in others who failed to live up to your expectations. Then be easy on yourself and on those who you are judging. 

Sagittarius – Anger will be a significant issue for you this week. You don’t want to take any frustrations out on those who don’t deserve it. When you feel yourself bursting with rage, please do what you can to control it by counting to 10. You may want to keep blue candle lit by your side as that will help to bring calming energies your way.  

Capricorn – Your money flow is going smoothly, and you will be focused on work quite heavily this week. However, don’t forget about your family’s needs. Your focus on work will be so heavily to the point that you will not create enough of a work-family balance that you need right now. 

Aquarius – You will find an opportunity that can bring you some luck or money this week, and that is because your charm will rub off on someone who can point you towards something positive this week. The opportunity will come through a friend, a colleague, a family member, or a neighbor. Either way, you will be on your way to achieving some better luck. 

Pisces – You will realize that you have an old project to tackle right now. It can be something that will trigger your memory that you have something from the past you left by the wayside. But with Mercury in retrograde, this is not a surprise, and that is something that you will be focused on for this week. 

We are already into the second month of 2021, and things can only get better from here on.