Here is a busy week because, on the 17th, you have Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus in Taurus. That can mean more economic hardships, and other businesses can be in trouble. Looking for innovative ways to make money may be necessary if you happen to have a brick and mortar business that has suffered during the outbreak. That can be a sign that even after the pandemic ends, you will need to make changes to stay afloat and succeed in the future. Remember that there are still plenty of growing pains to face, and this transit is a brutal reminder of that. 

On the 18th, the Sun enters Pisces (Happy Birthday, Pisces). You will find yourself in a more empathetic position and have compassion for others you know struggling. You may also find that countries with vaccine plants will soften a little bit about vaccine nationalism, which has been a looming problem. Now, here is what does not mean they will let go of a ‘me first’ way of thinking completely, but they will loosen up because of understanding that they have to help other countries beat the pandemic to fight it globally appropriately. 

Be mindful of your temper on the 19th as Mars in Taurus will square Venus in Aquarius as you could lose your cool. Nevertheless, the good news is that on the 20th, Mercury goes back direct! Hallelujah! You can start to gradually implement the plans you have wanted to make during the retrograde. Let’s examine how you do this week based on your sign. 

Aries – Heavy energies will affect you this week, as you will have the motivation to examine your finances. And you will want to talk to your financial planner about making some changes to your investment portfolio after Mercury goes direct because you will recognize where changes need to occur. You will also have pent up power, and doing some kickboxing or cardio is the way to unleash it.

Taurus – You’ll end up having some kind of breakthrough that can be work or personal related. Either way, you will need the help of someone, whether it is a colleague or a coach, to work with what you discovered during your discovery. 

Gemini – You will want to be careful not to judge yourself too much as you will have the urge to reassess your priorities. You may feel the need to criticize yourself for making mistakes and misplacing your priorities but remember, everyone makes mistakes and learns in life. You are no different. 

Cancer – There will be the urge to do something out of your comfort zone, as you will want to take a risk for something out of character. That may come to you collaborating with a financial advisor to place funds in a risky investment or having a fun night playing poker or roulette. You may even toy with the concept of going on a game show if you wish to be that adventurous. 

Leo – Your temper this week may get out of control as you will feel more irritable than typical. That is also because you will be inclined to do shadow work as old recollections that you have been attempting to keep shoved aside are coming through, and this will happen when Pisces season progresses even more. It is a good idea to look for a therapist now.

Virgo – Your income can improve, which means this is a good week to learn on your network to get some support and advice. Maybe looking for another higher paying job is an option. If you own a business, don’t be afraid to begin raising your rates. 

Libra – Get honest with yourself no matter how painful it is right now. If you passed down some good opportunities, find out why. You will see that there are hidden self-esteem matters that need working with, so looking for a therapist is a good plan. 

Scorpio – It is time to accept your flaws and imperfections, take a new selfie, and put it up on your social media networks. You will be pleasantly surprised by how many new connections you will draw. You are a Scorpio, so you will attract more than you realize. 

Sagittarius – There will be plenty of moments this week to not think clearly and are confused about what you desire. You will need to take some time to ponder and zero in on your interim and permanent goals and contemplate on the action plans to take to obtain them. 

Capricorn – You will have a chaotic week that makes you uneasy because of how you need order. You may have a boss or a client that will want you to make adjustments while tending a sick child. Perhaps an appliance will break down while you are dealing with an angry teammate. You will look this week to discover your internal zen. 

Aquarius – Prepare yourself to come across something that will make you believe that your networks misunderstand you. You will then begin to wonder about your reputation. It is not a bad idea to Google your name to verify that there isn’t untruthful stuff said about you. Nevertheless, if all you find is somebody not liking what you said about something real to you, then there is no need to fix that because not everyone will like you. You also don’t need to worry.

Pisces – The chaotic energies that start at the beginning of the week will trigger you to need to withdraw. And healthy retreating is what you should do. Your birthday season is here, so treat yourself to a DIY spa day at home, and play around with essential oils and discover the ones that are the most calming for you. You need to give yourself some TLC to work with a clear mind and keep your stress levels minimal. 

February is half-over, so far this year has been one wild ride, but things are starting to look a little brighter for the most part, even if you just see a fragment of light.