The week begins with you feeling invigorated, as, on the 24th, Mars in Taurus will trine Pluto in Capricorn. This powerful earth trine will help you accomplish a lot of work in a short period, and you will be amazed at how much you finish. You will undoubtedly be proud of yourself. In addition to that, on the next day, Venus moves from distant Aquarius to compassionate and dreamy Pisces. You will have an easier time forgiving those who hurt you, especially if they took accountability for it. 

Also, on the 26th and 27th, there is a Virgo Full Moon which implies it is time to dream big but stay realistic. You also understand that if you want your dreams to come true, such as making your lofty goals turn into a reality, it is time to get organized. Also, be easy on yourself because you are not perfect, and you will make mistakes along the way. You will want to keep your goals in mind but allow changes to happen, nothing will be linear, and nothing will happen correctly. Now is also a great time to do some spring cleaning. Let’s see how your sign does through the energies this week!

Aries – Your efficiency levels will soar through the roof, and you will be very proud of yourself for what you can accomplish this week. Getting a hold of your emotions is more comfortable, and you also are experiencing heightened intuition which will help you in many ways as far as what to prioritize immensely. 

Taurus – You will find that your artistic side will emerge. You will either have the urge to write a book, start a podcast, or start a YouTube channel if you haven’t done so previously. When a Taurus makes up their mind to do something, there is no halting them, and you will not allow anything to stop your creative side from thriving. 

Gemini – You will want to do a spring cleanup and get your items organized in your home and office. There are plenty of things that you have that you will want to junk. You are not known to be a hoarder, but you will discover that you have so many things from the past you gathered and don’t need. It is time to chuck those aside. 

Cancer – You will have many reminders this week that you do not need to do everything alone. You tend to take on more than you can manage, and this is the period to permit others to pitch in and help you out. Allow them to help you instead of taking the work on yourself. 

Leo – Your monetary area will be the highlight this week. Thus, you will find extra incentive to make extra cash, and maybe you will offer a temporary service if you are a business owner, find a side hustle, or start a money-making blog. The blog will take time to produce revenue, but that is all in your energy for the moment. 

Virgo – What are your desires and ambitions? It is time to focus on those and don’t hesitate. Even if it does not seem realistic to you, you can create small goals to take steps to get there. The point of this Virgo is not to be afraid to dream and find a way to turn it into a reality. 

Libra – Don’t ignore your dreams this week. You will be working everything through your unconscious. If you have been spending extra time at work or organizing, that is great to be constructive. Nevertheless, you want to do these things because of subconsciously hiding uncomfortable stuff you are keeping hidden by staying active and productive. However, you won’t escape it because your dreams will illuminate what you are hiding in your subconscious. 

Scorpio – If you had imaginative thoughts that arose during the retrograde, you might end up finding yourself needing to make modifications and improvements to those. Especially if you began taking action to implement them, that is okay. That is expected to occur. These revisions that you will do this week will be enough to make them extraordinary. 

Sagittarius – You will see yourself this week having shifts in your viewpoint. Would it be career-related? Perhaps. You may desire to make changes to that. Or, possibly, you will see yourself having a shift in outlook in general. If something disturbed you in the past, it may not anymore. 

Capricorn -Stay cautious this week as you may engage in gossip, and there is also a chance of uncovering some harsh facts. Nevertheless, messages will be sent out to you this week, and some can change things for you. Make sure you keep a careful eye on your texts, emails, social media messages, and snail-mail. You don’t want to chance missing something essential. 

Aquarius – You are not typically motivated by money, but you will need to assess your relationship with money right now. Are you undercharging your services for that reason if you own a company? You will need to begin charging what you are worth. Also, make an appointment with a financial advisor and make sure that your funds are growing correctly. 

Pisces – You will see matters very distinctly this week as the Full Moon will assist with that. You will understand that some reality checks will be crucial, and you will start to see the true colors of those with who you work or your friends. That can be either positive or terrible, but the thing that presents itself for you this week is clarity. 

For the most part, February has been an improvement over January, so things will keep getting better from here on.