Look out for notable transits to focus on this week. The week starts with Mercury in retrograde conjunction with the Sun, and this is a great time to focus on any new beginnings that can open up for you. Because Mercury is in retrograde, you do not want to act on it. But jot down any ideas that come to you over the next several weeks, until after the 20th when Mercury goes direct and evaluate those. 

On the 9th, Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, which means you can work on something small to transform you for the better, such as inspiring affirmations to increase motivation. However, you may struggle with communication since Mercury will square Mars in Taurus, so really pay attention to what you say. 

On the 11th, there is a New Moon in Aquarius, and this is an excellent time to focus on your hopes and wishes and look into taking action plans (after Mercury goes direct) to achieve these goals. Venus also conjuncts Jupiter in Aquarius the same day, which means you may end up with a little bit of good luck. 

On the 13th, Mercury in retrograde will conjunct Venus, and this is an excellent time to call up an old friend, and perhaps you can reconnect.  And on the 14th, Mercury in retrograde will conjunct Jupiter which means this is an excellent time to broaden something you worked on from the past. Possibly expanding on an old project is an idea. It is also Valentine’s Day, so you will want to enjoy the day with your partner, or give yourself some R&R and self-care. Let’s see how you do this week. 

Aries – The energies this week support your desire to start a crowdfunding campaign for support for something you had in mind before or for a charitable cause. Even though Mercury in retrograde is not the time to create new things, the energies help you make an old dream come true.

Taurus – You have the realization that you have limitless potential. However, the thing to sort out this week is balancing yourself from attaining your goals and keeping up with your existing responsibilities. That is an area that you may struggle with from time to time, and this is an excellent time to utilize balancing and organizing hacks so you don’t keep putting things on the back burner. 

Gemini – This week’s New Moon and other transits will help you look at your year ahead. Look at your goals, see how you can support them, and learn what relationships to lean on to help you do that. It is dawning on you that you are going to have a fresh start. 

Cancer – Beware of the temptation is there to connect with people from the past, but resist the urge because it will only create additional stress and grief for you. Here is another week to focus on self-care as the transits, especially Pluto, will emotionally charge you. Take relaxing baths for each night this week. Spend time with that special someone on Valentine’s Day, and enjoy your romantic time together.

Leo – There is an impulse to look for other side hustles, and that springs a sudden fear that you are not making enough money. However, this is because there are untapped fears within yourself, and Mercury in retrograde will cause those fears to bubble up. Don’t run away from them; go and do some shadow work, and look into why there is a sudden fear of lack. 

Virgo – Now is a perfect time to plan a talk with a counselor or even a metaphysical practitioner. That is because you are battling with the external strain around you, which significantly impacts your efficiency. Mercury in retrograde is the best time to investigate that. 

Libra – The potent air New Moon in addition to trines to Venus and Jupiter, will make your imagination glow even more. Don’t be afraid to display your creative side to anyone. Now is a fantastic time to create some plans for designs for your website, blog, or anything else.  You will have a magical time on Valentine’s Day. 

Scorpio – The New Moon will stress you because of the incompatible element, and you will look to search for the serenity inside yourself. You understand that overreacting to matters isn’t useful, which you have been grappling with for a while. Discover your calm this week, and spend some time with your companions and family, and strive to prevent any difficult conversations if you can. Spend time alone as well as long as you can be in a soothing environment. 

Sagittarius –  You are not the kind to hold resentment, but you still have some rage problems that stem from those who hurt you in the past. Now is a good week to write letters to those and say whatever you need to speak to get it off your chest. It is a good idea not to deliver them. Burn those letters instead. But since those from your past are in your thoughts, why not send a friendly note to an old friend. You never know what can come out of that.

Capricorn – The New Moon is there to help you accept your flaws and shortcomings, which you do what you can to avoid, like the plague. Nevertheless, with the forces presenting themselves to you this week, you will not be able to get away from looking inside. Perhaps a family member will become annoyed with you for not concentrating on them enough. Maybe you are not sleeping adequately because of your work. You are human; you cannot do everything.  Spend time with your significant other on Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget about the day. 

Aquarius – The limelight is on you this week, and this makes you very uneasy. However, this is the time to not just connect with your creative, rebellious, and progressive spirit. It is a time to show off what you have. Why not create a recipe on your TikTok or an Instagram story? Your friends will appreciate that, and you will even get a kick out of it. 

Pisces – You have the opportunity this week to cancel out the noise around you and to tap into your intuition. You may not think you are so inventive, but you are so much more than you believe. If you are in a difficult situation, rely on your intuition to help you work around it. You can always ask for help, which you should do, but the answers are within you too. 

You know that Mercury in retrograde is always not an easy time for most people. However, you will get through it, and after next week, it will be over.