The early part of the week begins with the Capricorn New Moon, which is on the 13th. Time to get organized with your personal and professional life as you can write down what you would like to do differently with your routine and schedule. Go and set the intention to make those changes, and start taking more of a practical approach. 

Prepare yourself to go through other significant changes on  You had urges to make some substantial changes since Uranus went into retrograde last August. But now that it is going direct, you will feel the desire to make the changes you want. You will see changes happening on a global scale as well as it can involve sudden changes having to do with business and the economy. Things that will erupt will erupt as well, and there will be no planets in retrograde until the 30th, when Mercury heads back once again. 

Just be careful not to do impulsive things on the 17th; Jupiter in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus as you could be reckless. Be cautious when driving or making large investments. Let’s see how your sign does in this week’s horoscope. 

Aries – You will see business travel opportunities on the horizon and the idea of it makes you somewhat nervous. You will see that 2020 has made you somewhat timider and use this week to sharpen your assertive nature so you can start retaking chances. 

Taurus – Your writing and speaking skills become sharper, and you are finding that being the case this week. Maybe someone will ask you to conduct some meetings or presentations. Focus a lot on your writing and speaking skills this week. 

Gemini – You will see that a lot is happening regarding your career or business. But, your financial growth opportunities need some checking as you will want to review your investments and stock opportunities at the moment. Getting a new insurance broker is also a good idea. Perhaps this year, your insurance policy may be up and you will want to look for a better plan that will save you money as well as time in the future. 

Cancer – This is a great time to adopt an animal, and even if you have a pet or several pets, there is another one that will love to have you as their human. You will want to look into the local rescue agencies or Humane Society to adopt another fur baby! 

Leo – If you have creative projects you may have started in the past, this is a good week to finish those off. That way, you can begin to move onto bigger and better things. However, cut yourself some slack this week as the stress from the holidays is getting to you. From the 11th to the 13th, take the time to indulge in some healthy self-care. 

Virgo – This is a good week for making investments even with the Jupiter and Uranus square. Investments are favorable as you have a neat way of analyzing things, and you never invest in anything questionable regardless. Take some risks as long as you scrutinize them. 

Libra – If you are thinking of working from home and not doing so already, this is a great time to explore that option more. And that will even be the case after the pandemic ends. Therefore, you may end up working from home for a long time. The idea of it is not only appealing to you for the sake of comfort, but you want to create a better home and work-life balance. Even if you have always worked from home, it is the time to find out how you can make better work and home balance since balance is essential to you anyway. 

Scorpio – You may feel overwhelmed with work this week, but the good news there are things you can do to help manage things. You can break your projects into smaller segments and only work on a few of them at a time. Take breaks, and if you need to take frequent short breaks, then you should! You can get involved with several projects at once because you don’t want to get bored and overthink. 

Sagittarius – Money flow is favorable this week, but you will have pent up anger, and you will want to release it productively. You don’t do something you will regret or say something hurtful. Do some extra working out to remove some of that pent up anger or angst. 

Capricorn – If you feel there is room for improvement with your people skills, then work on the areas that need some refining. The New Moon is having a profound effect on you since it is in your sign. And remember that better people skills mean faster money flow. You also want to maintain a high reputation.

Aquarius – Expect to do more self-reflection this week as you will want to connect with your spiritual side and with nature. Even if it is cold outside, bundle up and spend time in the snowy landscape. You will discover new ways to connect with yourself and your spiritual side. You may even be inclined to adopt a pet if you have not yet done so, which even includes a gecko or fish. 

Pisces – There are five planets in mutable signs, which is why you are feeling so much pressure. Therefore, go and engage in healthy ways to release any stress you are feeling. Make some dancing or Zumba moves because the last thing you want to do is have emotional meltdowns or indulging in too many sweets. That will worsen how you feel.

This is a good week now to start putting 2020 behind you, and even though the pandemic is still there, know there is a light at the end with that in months to come. Keep moving forward.