There are some important transits to keep in mind for this week, as on the 28th, there is the Snow Moon or the Leo Full Moon. That is the time to do some self-exploration. Tap into your originality and creativity, and find ways where you can make the most of it. That can even go into mundane things such as budgeting and setting schedules.

And another thing that is happening on the 30th is that Mercury in Aquarius goes into retrograde. Yes, it is that dreaded time once again. Mercury heads into retrograde until February 21st, and you will not want to start anything new, make major decisions, or sign new contracts. However, when it comes to finishing up old projects or picking up where you last started with a project, you will want to do that. Be prepared for misunderstandings and electrical outages. How will this week affect you?

Aries – the Full Moon will really have an impact on your creativity in a positive way. However, as much as you would like to start new things, it is best to hold off. You can make some blueprints of anything you want to begin by using your creativity, but don’t make final decisions on using them. For instance, if you want to write a book, you can create an outline, but wait until the retrograde is over to begin the new project officially.

Taurus – You will have a strong curiosity this week over your ancestry and lineage. If you have not joined Ancestry yet, you likely will want to do that. Or, if you are part of Ancestry, you will want to look for potential relatives. You will want to learn more about your history.

Gemini – Be careful with the emails and documents you write up this week, as you could end up using poor grammar and poor punctuation. Just be sure to proofread what you send. Your ruler is going into retrograde, so you want to be doubly careful.

Cancer – Ask yourself this week why you need to prove yourself to others. You already know you are hardworking and giving. Why do you need to prove that to others? That is the thing that will come up for you this week. You will realize that there is never a need to have anything to prove about yourself. You keep being you, and that is it.

Leo – Yes, it is six months away from your birthday. However, you will have the feeling that you can win the spotlight, and you should. Go and create a YouTube channel if you haven’t already. Take some gorgeous selfies and post them on Instagram. Allow yourself to shine. Better yet, please take a picture of your creations, such as art or sculpting, and post them.

Virgo – You will deal with sensory overload this week as your sensitivity will be stronger, and you will react poorly to traffic jams, missed emails, and other misunderstandings. You will need to utilize self-care tactics this week more than ever. Mercury in retrograde is complicating things for you.

Libra – Your creativity will take a downfall, and don’t despair; it will come back. That is how the retrograde is affecting you. The one thing that you will focus on this week is how to be a better friend to those in need. It is not that you are a bad friend, but if you find room for improvement in that area, then evaluate that.

Scorpio – This is a good week to focus on your achievements and be proud of yourself. You are not the type to show off at all, but there is nothing wrong with acknowledging what you achieved and that will give you a boost in confidence.

Sagittarius – You will realize it is time to be accountable for what you do. That means the overspending must stop, and the same goes for oversleeping. You are hindering your growth and creativity by indulging in habits that are clearly not good for you.

Capricorn – The way the Full Moon will affect you is by seeing your professional and personal life areas that need tweaking. What you discover will frustrate you, but you will know how to rectify those issues. You always figure out what to do when you put your mind to it.

Aquarius – The transits that are happening will encourage you to evaluate your personal and professional relationships. You will realize not taking some things said to you by any of them seriously as this is a good time to consider the source. You may not be able to cut some professional relationships, but you can always expect less of them.

Pisces – Some secrets will spill out this week from a friend, family member, or a colleague, and you will not be happy. You are sensitive by nature, but don’t blame yourself for putting trust in the wrong person. Don’t decide either about whether or not to continue to have any associations with the individual at this time. You will gain more clarity after the retrograde.

January is coming to an end, and if you are not impressed with how the year has gone, you are not alone. Remember that you will not see how 2021 will really look like until March. Remember that you are still dealing with spillover from 2020 but won’t for much longer.