The week starts with Mercury entering Pisces. Nevertheless, remember one thing. Mercury does not do well in Pisces as it is detrimental and falls in that sign. Therefore, you may have clouded logic and clouded thinking. However, what you will want to do instead is to rely on your intuition. If your intuition at this time is telling you to do or not to do something, listen. That is mainly if your mind is doing the opposite to you. Your mind can play tricks on you during this transit. 

On the 20th, the Sun enters Aries (Happy Birthday Aries), which means it is finally a time for fresh starts. That is when you can begin to make some new business plans or have a renewed sense of optimism and take a different form of action. Venus enters Aries a day later, which means one thing. The fresh Arian energy also provides you with the fire, energy, and passion for taking on new possibilities. You will start to express yourself boldly and innovatively as well, which can attract new partnerships and joint ventures if that is the direction where you want to go. However it plays out for you, this energy will provide you what you need to put yourself out there, and it is suitable for boosting your confidence. Let’s see how you do based on your sign. 

Aries – There is so much going for you this week as it is, firstly, your birthday week, and you will feel the renewed sense of passion more than anyone else since your sign is the one involved. You have always been a leader, but you will gladly take on different leadership roles this week because you want to do that anyway. However, don’t burn yourself out, so take it easy.

Taurus –  You have Mercury heading into Pisces and the heavy Arian energy. That means you will have your intuition enhanced. There may be encounters with spirits, and that will make you question your pragmatic side. Nevertheless, if you do have those ghostly encounters, do not worry about it. 

Gemini – Teamwork and collaboration are this week’s focus. If you are thinking of starting a joint venture, this is the perfect time for you. Don’t use advice that does not resonate with you. However, this is the week to reach out to others because you can get some good ideas.

Cancer – This is an excellent week for you to begin manifesting what you want and set intentions related to any goals you want to attain this year. In addition to that, this is a great week to do some spring cleaning which is how you will become vibrant with this new energy. 

Leo -You will want to do so much learning this week as your curiosity is intense. That means if you are looking into taking a course to improve or update your existing skills or learn a new one, do it. Taking up a new hobby this week is also a great idea if you haven’t done that already. 

Virgo – Do some spring cleaning regarding your psyche, which is uncomfortable right now. And maybe the very thing that has held you back from achieving better things is that you have emotional debris clouding your mind. If the urge is there to call a therapist or a spiritual adviser this week, then do that. Maybe you can find out what in your psyche is stopping you from achieving something great. 

Libra –  You will want to utilize a lot of self-care, and you will not feel guilty about it, which you should not anyway. Take the time to soak in a warm tub, read your favorite novel, and enjoy a glass of wine. You need that renewed sense of energy to provide to work and your family as you will see that you cannot pour from an empty cup. 

Scorpio – You will incline to evaluate how you spend time. Do you spend more time working than you do spending time with your family? Do you even spend enough time on self-care and for sleep? Once you can assess that, you will make the adjustments required since you will need to make some. 

Sagittarius –  You will have the inspiration to do something with your creative side. It does not matter if you want to take up painting, creative writing, crafting, and sell those on Etsy. You will want to do something with your vivid imagination this week. 

Capricorn –  You may quickly become annoyed with your family over minor things as the result of old wounds opening. You and Virgo will face similar challenges this week, so you will want to call a therapist or a spiritual advisor to help you get through it. The distinction is that it won’t hamper your goal accomplishments or productivity, but you will find yourself getting into unnecessary disputes. 

Aquarius –  You will want to be communicating a lot this week, which means you will catch up on old texts, emails, and social media messages that you allowed sitting around for ages. Conducting some Zoom meetings is something you may do or being a significant contributor to them anyway. 

Pisces – Your birthday season may be over, but that does not mean this week is insignificant to you since Mercury is in your sign. You will incline to evaluate your values and relationships. You will also determine your evaluation with finances and budgeting, and you will look for ways to improve budgeting if you must.  

There is so much new energy coming your way, and you can find reasons to be optimistic that things are finally beginning to get better.