Expect to have a productive week as it starts with the aspect of Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius, as you will find yourself motivated to be more productive. You will work more innovative, and you will have the energy to do your morning or afternoon workout. 

Nevertheless, beware of Mercury’s aspect in Pisces squaring Mars in Aquarius on the 24th, as you can become irritated and overly sensitive to the point of getting into confrontations. You may also struggle with negative self-talk. You may be too hard on yourself. If you find someone more successful than you, you will begin to see yourself as a failure. It does not matter if you were spending the last few days being productive and accomplishing a lot, but none of that will matter if you find yourself overly hard on yourself. The best thing to do is watch what you say to yourself and watch what you say to other people. 

On the 26th, give yourself some self-love as the Sun conjunct Venus in Aries. Pardon yourself for your ‘failures’ and areas where you fell short. Remember that life is a journey and not a marathon, which is why you want to be gentle with yourself. Be merciful with yourself in areas where you failed. Get prepared for the Libra Full Moon, which will start the next week! Let’s see how the signs do this week. 

Aries – You want to do everything on your own, and you are willing to work very long hours to achieve anything you can on your own. However, don’t be afraid to accept help. You may be less inclined to get help from others because you believe that you don’t need it, and you have so much energy to the point that you can do everything yourself. The truth is, you can’t, and you are better off delegating or asking for advice on tasks that you question. 

Taurus – You will have an easy time pushing forward with your work, and you may even make some extra money this week. However, beware of the arguments that you could face with Mars and the Mercury square in the picture. You may struggle to disagree with others harmoniously. You won’t back down on your convictions because you are Taurus, but failing to become diplomatic can cause more problems in the long run. Choose your words wisely when you conflict. 

Gemini – The Mars and Mercury square will make this week difficult for you, like the things you say can be misconstrued and not understood. Even if you don’t mean to say anything harshly, be mindful of how you send texts and emails. Because if someone starts an argument with you over a misunderstanding of what you said, then you will argue back with them. You don’t want to spend the week having a ping pong verbal fight over misconceptions. 

Cancer – Set boundaries and cut those off who take advantage of you, even if that is temporary. That neighbor who asks you for favors all of the time, for instance, will get a rude awakening when you no longer will be available to do their jobs. They won’t like it, and be sure to get pushback too. Stand your ground, and unfortunately, conflicts are likely going to happen this week. 

Leo – If you are a business owner or have a career you are involved in, you will be affected this week heavily. You will have the urge to discuss long-term strategies and goals with colleagues; however, prepare yourself for disagreements over spending money. Your colleagues may accuse you of mishandling the budget, and that will only make you more defensive. If you have your own business, you may feel suppliers are charging you unfairly as well. Therefore, you may be inclined to look for better prices and search around for their competitors, which in the end will cause tension. 

Virgo – You will be hyper-motivated to organize and clean your work and home and remain productive for the week. However, you will be more hypersensitive to criticism than usual, creating plenty of arguments with Mars and Mercury square. That will affect you and Gemini on a more profound level because of Mercury as the ruler. Be careful not to say anything so hurtful that someone important to you won’t speak to you again or retaliate. 

Libra – This is the week when you may find that some of your relationships take a different direction. You will make a grim discovery that their differences in perspectives and opinions may not work well with your attitudes and beliefs. Perhaps you find that they have a different view politically, which may be hard for you to accept. Because you don’t like facing conflicts, this may be difficult for you to express, but they can catch on if you act passively-aggressive towards them. Ask yourself if their differences are bad enough for you to cut yourself off from them. 

Scorpio – There are stressors for you this week as your co-ruler clashes with Mercury, making you even more territorial when it comes to your privacy. Hence, stick to your boundaries but watch your words. However, this is a great week to start some new good habits. Maybe find ways to work smarter instead of harder, and perhaps find some time to get some extra rest as that will improve your health and efficiency. 

Sagittarius – Now is a great week to add more people into your network to help your business grow or improve your skillset potentially. However, beware of that Mercury and Mars clash as you will turn potential new connections away if you are too blunt and not in a diplomatic manner. Everyone will be more sensitive, which can make them more aggressive and not an exception. 

Capricorn – You will be in for a very productive week, and it is an important week for you to evaluate your values and determine the essential things to you, and that is not. Thus, this will be when you realize that changing some habits and eliminating items from your life that are not serving you is essential. Keep in mind; you will struggle with some internal battles as you will realize that some habits that are not serving you well are also soothing, which makes it more challenging to give up.

Aquarius – You will have an easy time with self-discipline this week as you will have the stamina for high productivity and multiple exercises. Nevertheless, beware of the fact that some jealous people may poke fun at your self-discipline. The temptation to say some snarky things is there about how they would not be so envious if they were to follow your footsteps. But that will only make things worse, given the Mars and Mercury clash that is happening this week. Just keep doing you, and don’t worry about what anyone else says. 

Pisces – You are naturally indecisive. However, this week you will push forward to making some decisions that have to do with money and worth. You will find yourself being able to have no other choice but to do that, which will bring plenty of inner-conflict. You will worry about making the wrong decision, which is why it does not hurt to ask for others’ guidance. Nevertheless, once you make that significant decision, you will feel an improvement. 

This week is intense, but you can push through it because the upcoming Full Moon the week after will bring more clarity to you, which is something you will want and need.